The Himalayan Hikers Team

We are able to deliver wonderful experiences to our clients only because of our dedicated team of hard working and professional experts. We all do not come from a same place but different backgrounds with diverse experiences.

As we all our unique individually, we have a similar passion for adventure and traversing mountains. Our belief is giving the best to our clients. We pride ourself on the quality of services, customer relationship and on delivering desired results.

Our team

Our team has 200+ professional guides to serve in the mountains certified in mountaineering courses (Advance or Basic) from adventure college of Uttarkashi (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering) (NIM) and Delhi (Indian Mountaineering Foundation) (IMF).

We also have trained local guides in our team

Kitchen staff serves delectable and salubrious food in the Mountains.

We have support staff i.e. Porters

The team members are versatile because every one of them is trained in different activities.

We have a huge team of more than 80+ guides and trainers to serve in the mountains and they are professionally trained from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) Uttarkashi and Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) Delhi.

We have kitchen staff to serve in the mountains to provide you best services and good experiences.

Supporting staff also goes on trek to manage the activities.


The Himalayan Hikers Team

Has an experience of 30 years and a mind-set of promoting trekking all over India and providing livelihood.
Mr. Bhagat Singh Rawat
Pursued trekking as a carrier since 1990 and now with vast knowledge and extraordinary skills he is a great mountaineer.
Mr. Chain Singh Rawat
Professional Mountaineer and a great person, playing the key role of  maintaining the communication between company and trekkers.
Mr. Kuldeep Singh Rawat
Marketing Manager
Managing is a tough task but he efficiently manages every task and looks upon the basecamp needs.
Mr. Suresh Singh Rawat
Base Camp Manager
Highly experienced technical guide with high skills and proper knowledge who has scaled many high mountains till date
Mr. Kamlesh Rawat
Senior Technical Guide
He is the senior guide of Himalayan Hikers and has mastered the art of leading groups and finding trails.
Mr. Surender Rana
Senior Guide
Most loved trek leader with great experience of high altitude trekking.
Mr. Vijay Thapa
Trek Leader
He perfectly knows how to lead a group and has excellent knowledge of every peak.
Mr. Gyaan Singh
Trek Leader
He has done many successful expeditions and has every information of equipment and traversing peaks.
Mr. Narendra Panwar
Expedition Trek Leader
An expert Sherpa in the team. Highly skilled and experienced.
Mr. Shravan Thapa
Another skilled sherpa in the team with great experience and skills.
Mr. Raniya
Real Heroes Of Himalayan Hikers

Local Workers

This is to salute the dedicated local workers for their inspiring attitude and tireless work on treks. Just a few words, but it is important to be said. When trekkers go with a trekking company or tour operators they do not always carry their things, cook for themselves or set their tents. But, the team does it all for them.

We have utmost respect for the “Real Heroes” who so bravely and strongly provide world- class services. They work hard and harder each day and still cook, serve, clean and support every time. And, Yes! It is true that the local workers are not very fluent in English. But, I believe what matters in mountaineering is their skill and support.

So, we highly appreciate work of every team member especially of Local works because, they are the ones working so hard and helping us every time.

Local workers of Himalayan Hikers
Local workers of Himalayan Hikers