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Trekking – Know More About Trekking In The Himalayas

October 5, 2018
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Impacts of Trekking

Trekking can be defined as a recreational activity of walking on paths not made or exploring the new parts of the world.

It can mean something to one person and something different to another, we cannot properly define it in some lines but as people elaborate this term “Trekking” it is a physical activity of walking on trails of the mountain (easy or difficult) done for different reasons.

Trekking enthusiasts explore the inherent beauty and cultural diversity of remote areas and the places which are really difficult to traverse; to unfold the surprises it hides.

This activity seems normal but it positively impacts a person in every possible way, exploring the areas on foot is the only way to discover the unexpected which is beyond our thinking and thoughts. Trekking impacts your Life in many ways.

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Growth of Sustainable Trekking

Trekking in the Mountains can teach you lessons which you never thought you could learn there in unknown places.

How can just walking on difficult paths teach you something about Life?

But everything in Life teaches something whether it’s big or small.

I am going to tell you how it has impacted and why you should do Trekking?

It looks like all fun and adventure in a journey but we do not see the hardships and efforts. It is not always “Sugar and spice and everything nice”.

But, if you have the spirit and spark within! All these hardships won’t matter and all the efforts will be worth it.

How Trekking impacts your Life?

Mental and Physical fitness

Rejuvenate one’s mind

Enhances team spirit

Makes a person stronger

Improves the bonding between family and friends

A better understanding of Nature

Helps in exploring the remote areas

It let us experience the cultural and traditional diversity of places

Unforgettable moments are collected

It helps in finding yourself

By taking risks in the mountain you can conquer your fears

Gets us close to the environment

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Learning from Trekking Experiences

  • Overcoming the fear makes you stronger
  • You don’t need to be very harsh on yourself
  • You don’t need a lot of material things to exist
  • You are more capable than you think
  • There is a happy world
  • The pain is temporary but the growth is permanent

Trekking Overcoming the fear that makes you stronger

We often underestimate ourselves and don’t even dare to try new things out of our comfort zone.

Missing the opportunity becomes fine but daring to do that work becomes a problem.

We all have the fears hidden inside in each one of us and to be stronger we need to conquer them all.

While trekking, you face your fears because there is no other option to run away from them.

If someone is afraid of walking on hard terrains he himself has to walk there, friends or family can walk with you but no one can walk for you.

People fear accidents in a mountain and this fear stops them from witnessing the inexplicable beauty of places but when you give a shot and go for it,

you see the fears were only a lie then you emerge as a stronger person than before.

When you will go to the mountains for some days out of your comfort zone there you will face your fears and come out strong.

Impacts of Trekking

You don’t need to be very harsh on yourself

We often set very high standards for ourselves and when we get unsuccessful, there we start the comparison with others which becomes a problem.

You don’t have to feel like a failure if you are unsuccessful in one thing when you’ve done everything and put every effort you could, still, if you didn’t get it then it’s not a problem. Pushing yourself to do better is very good but being harsh on yourself is not.

When you are on a trek if you are going well and suddenly get injured then it’s fine to take rest or a break for recovery.

Do not rush to get what you want, sometimes you need to give yourself time and allow the things to happen because you have done all that you can and you cannot control everything.

You don’t need a lot of material things to exist

You don’t need a special internet, brand new cell phones and the latest technology to survive. So You Have everything which someone needs to exist i.e. Food, Water, Shelter, and Air.

When you live out for some days in a mountain with no devices and technology or electricity with a bunch of friends then you realize the best moments do not need the cell phones and laptops the basic necessities are fine and you can exist when you have them.

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Yoga From Himalayas

You are more capable than you think in Trekking

On a trek, you push yourself to go up overcoming all the fear, and that means you are more capable than you think.

The questions in our mind stop us from going further What will happen if I keep going and something bad happens? or What if I am not able to reach there? but the thing is What if you go there and nothing bad happens? What if you go there and reach your destination?”

Remove these What’s” and “Why’s” from your life. You have so much capability inside you that you will have no idea until you push yourself to your limits.

The top of the mountain which seems unreachable, when you stand at the top of that mountain feeling the serene air and watching panorama views then you realize how capable you are, the mountain seemed unreachable but your efforts took you at the top.

There is a happy world in the Trekking

We have become so busy in our lives and entangled in our problems that we do not have time to look beyond our problems and.

We only realize this when are far from civilization and see the lifestyle of people in mountains with basic amenities, they seem to be the happiest people never complaining about the things.

Their life isn’t easy the water supplies are far and the weather is harsh, children have to go far many km ways to get an education but still, they smile and have accepted happily whatever they have.

But, we the people of the city with the latest technologies are always in stress and entangled in problems everything we have is less for us, we long for more.

Trekking and exploring will change your thinking deeply and when you meet these people you will come to know that far in the mountains lie a happy world.

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Rupin Supin

Trekking, Pain is temporary but the growth is permanent

Trekking is not always amazing picturesque places or idyllic settings which looks like HD wallpaper of windows XP.

It means to accept the pain of pushing yourself higher than your limits which improves the efficiency, walking out of your comfort zone which is the hardest thing leaving your comfort zone has never been easy, you may get injured sometimes and still need to walk half a mile.

Your growth lies here when these things happen and you grow as a person your body gets strong. All the pain of these injuries and wounds will help you next time by making you stronger than before.

When I first time went on a trek, undoubtedly the views were spellbinding but I was out of my comfort zone and the knee breaking pain I felt was making me feel weak but at the same time, it was making me strong.

The injuries, wounds, pain, discomfort are temporary but the growth is permanent.

Written by – Tulika Negi

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