Trekking is Safe for Women in India

Trekking is safe for Women’s in India

April 8, 2019

Trekking is safe for Women? Trekking is all about coming out of the cocoon by breaking out boundaries and discovering your own self. Don’t let the fears of safety and your thoughts, like being alone stop you in this nature’s and your own discovery. The Adventures Await You! Go, Grab Them and Never Have Regrets

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Major Concern For Female Trekkers – 

  • Is Trekking Safe For Female Trekkers?
  • How Is Trekking Safe For Women’s in India
  • Trekking is Safe for Women: Solo Trekkers 

Trekking is safe for Women

Is Trekking Safe For Female Trekkers?

As the number of female trekkers has increased and still increasing, many companies all over India are alerting the teammates for this matter.

Positive changes are seen in this field. Now, it is not a male-dominated activity anymore, this is slowly transforming towards women too!

Women have equal capabilities and these changes are respectfully accepted by society and local people. 

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Trekking is safe for Women

How Is Trekking Safe For Women’s in India

Many females have opted “Mountaineering” as their carrier and are working as trek leaders.

This has become very helpful for the solo female trekkers or a group of female trekkers to share their problems without hesitation.

Treks are organized and staff is briefed before the trek. Our team is 95% from Garhwal Himalayas and “Trekking” is the only means of livelihood there.

The locals are really generous and the guides help you in exploring more in a better way. They are aware of the trek routes and helps you know more about their traditions and culture. They would never do any such activity which harms you in any way.

Another thing is; I believe the people who go on treks are there to explore and spend time away from city life in tranquillity. And, the local staff and other group members are there because of their love for nature.

Usually, there is friendship among trekkers on most treks and they would not have the wrong intention to harm anyone.

Trekking is Safe for Women: Solo Trekkers 

Every year we welcome many enthusiastic female solo trekkers and it doesn’t surprise us anymore. They are only the adventurous souls exploring and discovering!

Overcome your fears of safety concerns. Be prepared and find a good trekking company this will help you get a stress free and safe trekking experience.

Trekking is safe for Women

Written by: – Tulika Negi

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