quality matters a lot in Trekking

Quality matters a lot in Trekking

April 6, 2019

I guess everybody agrees with the statement, that Quality matters a lot in Trekking for safety purposes, it becomes really very important to take proper care of the equipment and tents provided.

They cannot be ignored at any cost, it’s worthless if the services are good but the equipment is not. Ignoring this part, No doubt! Means risking Safety.

But Himalayan Hikers has a special focus on the “Quality” be it on our Services, Equipment or Tents. We create standards for what quality should be.

Avid travelers, Trekking enthusiasts, and Mountaineers choose trekking companies among thousands to get their best experiences of life. To maintain their trust, it becomes our responsibility to give the best in return.

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Quality matters a lot in trekking in kanasar lake trek

Quality matters a lot in Trekking: We try to Raise the “Quality” every time 

Our goal is to give clients better every time and work for their safety and comfort. The trust makes us do even better for the people who choose us.

We are serving in the mountains for 28 years and many more great companies are also in the field.

To maintain the trust of people and provide them great services is our mission, so that next time while planning their trek the first name to pop in their mind is of “Himalayan Hikers”.

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Quality matters a lot in Trekking: Here is the List of Package Inclusions:

High-quality tents




Dining Table

Dining Chairs



First Aid Kit

Oxygen Cylinders

Toilet Tents

Camping Gear Liner




Kitchen team

Radio Walkie Talkie for Communication

Good Experience Trek Leader guide and Technical guide


All meals: breakfast, packed lunch, tea, coffee, snacks, soup, and dinner

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We Provide These all in the Trekking Because of Quality matters a lot in Trekking


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Written by – Tulika Negi 

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