Best Hotel & Home Stay in Sankri, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

May 27, 2022

Before we know about our Best Hotel and Home Stay in Sankri, First we have to Know aobut Sankri. Sankri is small beautiful place situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand nestled in the high mountains of Himalayas on all side and located inside Govind wildlife sanctuary.  “Sankri” is at an altitude of 1950 meter above sea level . It is quite famous for being the base camp for 25+ amazing treks like – India’s most famous winter trek (kedarkantha) and summer trek (Har Ki dun), bali pass, Rupin pass trek and many more.

If you are looking for a quite holidays in the mountains and a place for adventure activity and trekking then this is a great place for you.

Sankri, which has been a pioneer in trekking, adventure activities as well as maintaining its cultural identity, is rich in wooden architecture and majestic views of the Himalayas.

Sankri Village

How can you Reach Sankri?

The distance between Dehradun to Sankri is approximately 210 kms. There are only a few local buses in the morning to reach Sankri from Dehradun which depart from prince chowk near railway station at 5 am and 7 am respectively .you can take the same buses from vikesnagar at 6 AM and at 8 in the morning. It take around 9 to 10 hours to reach Sankri from Dehradun. 

Also you can take shared taxi from Dehradun to Sankri which departs at 7:30 am from grand hotel near prince chowk which takes 8 hours to reach Sankri which will cost you around 500 to INR700.

Apart from this, you can travel by your own vehicle.

Also if you want to enjoy this beautiful route from Dehradun to Sankri alone with your family and friends, then you can book a separate vehicle by contacting us

Which pass through dehradun-mussoorie camptifall (which is a beautiful picnic spot where you will stop for breakfast)-naugaon-purola (lunch point)-Netwar and finally reach in Sankri.

Weather condition in Sankri

Situated admidst high snow-capped mountains all around the climate of Sankri remains cool from throughout the year. Due to continuous snowfall in the months of December and January, the temperature drops to “-10 °c” due to the cold is at its peak. The best weather is observed in the months of February to April. 

The temperature is “10 to 15°c” on pleasant sunny days throughout the year and “-7 to -10 °c” on cool nights.

Network connectivity

BSNL has a tower for mobile connectivity in Sankri but most of the time this network is not working. So if you are planning to go to Sankri, then before going to Sankri it is important that if you want to make important calls to your family and friends, do them on the way, the best network to call will be found in Purola market which is Sankri on the way 

Where to stay in Sankri

Sankri has few accommodation option with guest houses and hotels, mainly the grand Shiva home stay, Swargarohini hotel, hotel orchid inn, Rawat guest house, Himalayan homestay and g.m.v.n. If you want a quiet comfortable and relaxeble stay in the middle of the village then The Grand Shiva Home Stay will be the best for you where you stay and enjoy the beauty all around and get acquainted with the people and culture of the village.

If you have other time then trekking or you are on a non-trekking holidays then below is a list of things you can do in Sankri-

Temple tour

Plan your visit to the many-year old shiv temple made of fascinating wood carving, which are worth seeing as the temple architecture is built by the old people here. You will be delighted to hear from the local people about the mythological stories of the temple and shwameshar Devta.

Village walks

Take a walk through the village where you will find schools, playground, garden, sights and a chance to interact with the local people, so you can get acquainted with the rural costumes and culture and experience rural life. The local people here are very friendly they- will be happy to tell you about their world and will want to know about your world with great curiosity.

A day hike to Juda ka Talaab 

I would recommend everyone even a non-trekker to take a day hike to Juda ka Taal. It is basically a lake surrounded by meadows, this is the first campsite of kedarkantha trek. Which freezes in winter and on the way of this trekking you will see beautiful views all around.

Buy or rent equipment or souvenirs option in Sankri

If you want to buy or rent any kind of trekking equipment and accessories like warm gloves, socks, sweater shoes jacket and other accessories in Sankri market, then you will get all those equipment at Himalayan Hikers shop located next to Swargarohini Palace, where you will meet shop owner Suresh Rawat ji

  • If you want to get any other information or you are planning to do the above activities or trek by yourself or with your friends then you can contact us to get all the information.

Our best Hotel & Home Stay in Sankri, Uttarkashi, Uttarkhand India

If you are looking for a comfortable and well located hotel and homestay in Sankri then we have some of the best option for you.

The Grand Shiva Home Stay – Best Hotel & Home Stay in Sankri

The Grand Shiva Home Stay is the most suitable place for those who want to spend a few days alone with their family or friends away from the crowd, a place where you can enjoy and get acquainted with nature as well as all you can essentials local culture and lifestyle,

The grand Shiva home stay which is surrounded by beautiful hills and splendid view. Superbly comfortable and full of all necessary amenities homestay, from where your eyes go towards a beautiful sour village situated in front of you, which is surrounded by high mountains and beautiful views from all side, which preserves its own distinct culture

If you are stay here, then you get access to local and delicious food prepared by our local staap or family member, 24*7 hour hot, and cold water, electricity ,free Wi-Fi, room service and much more, which we help our guests with provide a special experience, our homestay include luxurious furniture and exquisite furnishings with high qulity toiletries

The Grand Shiva Home Stay

Hotel Swargarohini  Palace – Best Hotel & Home Stay in Sankri

The Hotel Swargarohini Palace is situated in the middle of Sankri market, being in the middle of the market, all the things you need are easily available nearby from here like – buying or rental equipment shops, medical shop,fastfood and others,

This hotel is situated in the middle of beautiful snow-capped mountains from all around, from where you can see beautiful mountains and greenery all around, the most special things about this hotel is that from its terrace you can see beautiful views of sunrise and sunset.

If you are stay here, then you get access to 24*7 water, electricity (generator facility available) free Wi-Fi, good and clean room and much more, which we help our guests with provide a good experience.

Swargarohini Hotel

Sankri is quite famous for being the base camp for 25+ amazing treks like – India’s most famous winter trek Kedarkantha and summer trek Har Ki Dun, bali pass, Rupin pass trek and many more.

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