A Small Paradise Sankri

May 3, 2016

Sankri Market in Uttarakhand

We are the locals of Sankri, so nobody else can explain the beauty of this place in a better way than us.
Sankri is a small village with a few numbers of families and houses; it lies in the “Govind Wildlife Sanctuary” of Uttarkashi district.

This place possesses inherent beauty and steeped in mythology, Sankri in itself is a small paradise surrounded by the Himalayan ranges and is very famous as it is the Base Camp of more than 20 treks.

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Sankri Village

The way to Sankri is 200 km and it takes 7-8 hours to reach there, the drive is picturesque because you go through some of the beauteous places.

Our vehicle picks you up from Dehradun Railway Station or from ISBT and then the drive is through Mussoorie, Damta, Naugaon, Netwar, and Purola.

Mussoorie is a hill station and it is known as the “Queen of Hills” it is situated at the foothills of Greater Garhwal ranges and the aura of this place is aesthetic and the environment is soothing so it justifies its title.

We take a break at Kempty Fall which is a very famous picnic spot and tourist attraction.

Have your breakfast there and then the drive continues and further you will see Yamuna River and Tons valley across the Yamuna Bridge, the river accompanies you all along the way and the water is crystal clear and it gives a refreshing feeling if you feel tired or if the boredom strikes.

Then you go through some villages like Nagao, Netwar, and Purola, these are the villages where you can see people working in fields and you can have a glimpse of their lifestyle.

In Devra Gaon, there is a famous temple of “Karn Maharaj” spot it on your right side and then in Netwar spot the temple of “Poku Devta” on your left.

Sankri Village School

Har Ki Dun Trek

Throughout your journey, you will see a combination of light and dark greenery which is very captivating, this greenery, the river flowing aside and the blue sky makes the place picture perfect.

Cross the entry gate of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and further when the Baraadsar mountain range and other snow-capped mountains are visible then you will reach Sankri in 15-20 minutes.

Reach Sankri by the evening there is a famous mini market where you will get traditional and delicious food, it always remains busy because of trekkers.

In the village, you will see alluring wooden houses of the villagers who stay warm in winters and cool in summers.

Apple orchards can be seen here and the trees mostly found here are of Deodar, bamboo, and Buras.

Here you can come across the lifestyle of people living in the mountains and a chance to explore their traditional values and their local culture.

In Sankri people worship Someshwar Devta; manifestation of Lord Shiva and there is a famous temple of “Someshwar Devta” which is worshiped by the people of more than 60 villages.

This place is related to mythology and it is believed that while the Pandas ascent to heaven Bheem threw a rock and this huge rock is present here which is known as Dhankeshwar Devta.

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Swargarohini Hotel

Hotel Swargarohini Palace

Sankri village seems like someone has painted an extremely beautiful aesthetic picture and has put it on the frame, the Himalayan ranges surround Swargarohini Place and mountains can be clearly seen, they attract the visitor’s eye by glittering from a distance.

Don’t miss the enthralling sunset and sunrise from here, at that time the light reflects on the mountains and it changes their color to orange but when it reflects on the Swargarohini group of peaks the color changes to golden and holds the complete attention of the viewer.

Here the environment is serene and invigorating, the soothing greenery; the combination of light and green,

blue sky and the view of a snow-covered mountain makes this place idyllic and divine.

Being the Base Camp of many treks, this place is trekkers’ destination with great scenic views, and this village is a feast for the eyes.

Base Camp Sankri


Sankri is a small but beautiful market; there are small shops in the Sankri market. There are beautiful wooden houses in Sankri.
Sankri is the base camp of more than 25+ treks.
Hotel Swargarohini Palace in Sankri, is one of the beautiful hotel in Sankri, cute and adorable views looks from here, beautiful peaks captivate everyone.
The Har Ki Dun trek was top-rated in 1990 when only foreigners came for the trek. Bengali trekkers used to occur more often to high trek altitude.
The twinkling stars and the moon look very beautiful in the night.
In Sankri, you feel the sunrise over a wide-open field, morning rain glistening on forests trees, and snow-covered mountain top peaks.

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More About Sankri village

Sankri people consider Someshwar Devta very much, Someshwar Devta worshipped by the Sankri’s people. Since the local deity is Lord Someshwara, most of the temples dedicated to him.

It looks beautiful when there is snowfall in Sankri. Snow-capped mountains are seen all around

Trekkers come to roam a lot in winter, Older adults told about their tradition.

The culture of the local Sankri people is distinct from other hill people in Garhwal. Essential aspects of our culture are dances like the folk dance named Taandi, Naati, during all festive occasions.

One of the essential aspects of architecture in the area is the wooden carvings and the slate laden gabled roofs.

Medicinal plants found in Sankri.

The Best  Treks Start from Sankri Market in Uttarakhand


Har Ki Dun Trek

Bali pass

Borasu pass

Fachu Kandi pass trek

Ruinsara lake

Sarutal trek

Phulara ridge trek

Maldaru lake trek

Bainya top trek

Dhumdharkandi pass trek

Rupin pass trek

Rupin and supin trek

 Baraadsar lake

 Kanasar lake

 Nalgan pass trek

Vishphopri trek

Khimloga pass trek

Obra gad trek

Debkiyara trek

Chaainsheel Bugyal trek

Vijay top trek

Kyarkoti base camp trek

Black peak base camp trek

Swargarohini base camp trek

Estari gad trek specially bird watching trek

Main Expedition start from Sankri

Black peak expedition

Swargarohini peak expedition

Bandarpunch expedition

Khimloga peak expedition

Ranglana Peak expedition

Facilities available in Sankri

Hotels and Homestay available

Guides and porters available

Shops open

Food things possible

Facilities not available in Sankri

ATM not available

Only BSNL and Vodafone network possible, which do not work well

Bank not available

How to reach Sankri base camp

All trekkers have to come to Dehradun; the treks start from Dehradun. Where you can come by Air, Train, Bus, etc.

Transport facility is available from all the states to Dehradun.

Himalayan Hikers -Transport arranges for trekkers coming from our company

Which cost per person is Rs? 1100/-, You will pay directly to a taxi driver.

If you want to taxi booked fully then you will give – Rs. 5500/ – 5 people sharing .

If you want to Tempo traveler booked. 13+D you will pay Rs. 9000/- one way

You can also come by Bus from Dehradun to Sankri

Bus timing

1st bus departure – 5:30 am – Reaching Sankri base camp evening 4:30 Pm

2nd bus departure – 7:00 am – Reaching Sankri base camp evening 5:45 Pm

3rd bus departure – 7:30 am   – Reaching Sankri base camp evening 5:30 Pm

Costs per person Rs. 350/- one way only

Note: – It will be your responsibility to go by bus  –A lot of people go to the bus –  and there are chances of theft of goods. You can have many problems; It’s all your responsibility.

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