Brahmatal Trek

6 Days - 5 Nights- Dehradun to Dehradun
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Brahmatal Trek – Tal here is dedicated to Lord Brahma in Uttarakhand Himalaya-2024 Complete information 

Brahmatal Trek is the truth that our Uttarakhand Dev Bhumi is said to be the reason that Gods have done severe penance here, so wherever you go in Uttarakhand, you will definitely hear the stories of Gods and Goddesses.

Brahmatal Trek is also a violence of the same story, people here today have their faith in this pond, Brahmatal is a beautiful lake that starts from the Lohajung base camp of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand Himalayas, The height of this trek is 12,250 feet, the trek here is of a moderate level trek, this trek is a good trek for the first time trekkers.

Here the trek starts from Kathgodam; this trek is about 5 nights 6 days. In this trek, we complete an elevation of about 4,678 feet from Lohajung to Brahmatal in 2 to 3 days,  With Brahmatal, in addition, Bekaltal is the attraction of this trek; so, explore these two pristine glacial lakes and enjoy camping beside Bekaltal frozen shores. The sight of these two will surely feast on your eyes because of its heavenly natural beauty.

brahmatal trek

Brahmatal Trek is a popular winter trek in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Here are some of the most important highlights of this trek:

  1. Breathtaking Views: The trek offers stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks like Mt. Trishul, Mt. Nanda Ghunti, Mt. Chowkhamba, and Mt. Kamet.
  2. Snow-covered landscapes: The trek takes you through snow-covered forests, meadows, and frozen lakes, giving you a true winter wonderland experience.
  3. Brahmatal Lake: The trek takes you to the beautiful Brahmatal Lake, which is frozen during the winter months, making it a sight to behold.
  4. Rich flora and fauna: The trek takes you through dense forests of oak and rhododendron, and you can spot various wildlife species like Himalayan Monal, Musk Deer, and Snow Leopard.
  5. Local Culture: The trek gives you a chance to interact with the locals and learn about their way of life, culture, and traditions.
  6. Brahmatal trek : The trek is a moderate  level trek, best trails  makes it a thrilling adventure for trekkers.

Overall, the Brahmatal Trek is an incredible experience that offers a perfect blend of adventure, nature, and culture.

beautiful Lake Trek

The special thing of this trek here is that in this trek, you will see the Himalayas, these are very amazing results, you will be able to see everything from your eyes, which you would not have seen in your life, the beautiful voice of the forest in the beautiful forest and Small waterfalls are ready to welcome you like your arrival. We are like a mountain for the hills, and we also live here,

Beautiful views from the Brahmatal trek

Along with the Brahmatal trek, as you grow further, you will get to see more beautiful hills, and along with the lake and grass, the open fields will also start to be seen, the real thing is that you will feel like we are somewhere. I have not come all around and I have been covered with snow and snow has covered the grass, open grass fields, etc.

You must have seen the Himalayas from all the treks, but you also have to agree that there are not the same views from every trek, if this happens, no one comes to trek again and again, this is what makes the Himalayas different, From the Brahmatal Trek, you will see some peaks that you may not have even heard,

Beautiful Mountains View

The names of the mountain peaks seen from this trek are as follows, Trishul Trishul Peak 7120 votes is a group of three Himalayan Mountain Peaks of western Kumaon Garhwal Uttarakhand Hikamales, with the highest reaching,

Nanda Ghunti Peak 6,309 meter high Mountain in Garhwal Himalayas, India. Here comes the peak Nanda Devi Sanctuary, it is said that this mountain was first surveyed by T. G. Long staff in 1907. Eric Shipton surveyed it from the west in 1931 which is a history in itself

When you reach the top of the Brahmatal trek, you will tell the Himalayas your true story, which will make your hair stand up. You will see all the beautiful and beautiful mountain ranges like Chaukhamba Peak, Mt Neelkanth Peak, Mt Hathi Ghoda Peak while watching Trishul Peak, and Nanda from Ghunti Peak, you will definitely thank yourself that you will be here for this trek Have come

Best Time to do Brahmatal Trek

If you love the Himalayas, then how to put time and time limits for you, it is true that Trekkers also like winter, and summer is also something to enjoy on both Treks. People know who regular trackers are, If you want to see both of these along with you, then you should trek in March and April, these days, the beauty of the place becomes four moons, know that

These days there are dedicated sections of rhododendrons. And from other wildflowers, they come in front of the beauty of the trek, the green grass and the hills are seen with the flowers and snow, you are drawn to this, There are not many big trees here, there are small trees of rhododendron which are near your head, you can also touch the flowers of these trees with your hands, they will bring great pleasure to your mind.

Beautiful Mountains

Another unique thing about Brahmatal Trek

Another thing special about the Brahmatal trek is that you can go for two more treks from Lohajung itself, such as Roopkund Trek, and Bedni Bugyal Trek. Both treks are considered to be the most favorite trek in the whole world today, both geographical trek the structures are very amazing.

You can see both these treks from the top during the Brahmatal trek, nature has made these two treks amazing, people come from all over the world, not only for this trek, Badni Bugyal is said to be the biggest Bugyal in the Himalayas, in this trek, there is a lot of captivating beauty.

Hence the Brahmatal trek is a wonderful and beautiful trek in itself. And Himalayan hikers can tell you more treks if you do not want to do this trek

Brahmatal Trek

What other options can Brahmatal Trek have?

If you want to do more treks with us which is from Level around Brahmatal, here are some more hidden gems in the Himalayas similar to Brahmatal Trek– Kedarkantha Trek, Dayara Bugyal, Dodital, Phulara Ridge Trek, Rupin Supin trek and Vijay Top Trek,  Kauri Pass, Har Ki Dun Trek. These are one of the treks we discovered.

The altitude we are going to cover in Brahmatal Trek

Lohajung base Altitude – 2316 Meters

Bekaltal Altitude – 3012 Meters

Brahmatal Altitude – 3734 Meter

Key Points of Brahmatal trek

Duration: – 5 Nights 6 Days from  Dehradun to Dehradun

Brahmatal trek Costs- Per Person Rs. 7,000/– from Dehradun/Rishikesh

Base camp: – Lohajung Village

Summer Temperature Brahma Tal: – Day (5°C to 15°C) Night (2° C to 8° C)

Winter Temperature Brahma Tal : – Day (-2°C to -5° C) Night (-5°C to -12°C)

Best Time: – I can go through the whole year

Weather – Brahmatal is one such trek which can be done throughout the year, Here the weather changes every month, But where the weather is very nice and favorable during the day, the night or morning is also cold according to the time.

Trek Level: – Moderate

Trek distance: – On foot 24 Km – By taxi 580 km

Group Size: – We will have a minimum group size of 6 people and a maximum of 25 people, if someone has to be private for their group, then you will be given a full date.

Group Age – My personal belief is that people can do this trek from a minimum of 10 years to 55 years.

But it is necessary to be fit to do this trek and you can do this trek in the year. These are the plans for both summer and winter.

  • For Winter Trek, I think it is necessary for people from 10 years to 55 years.
  • This trek will be a relief and joy for first-time visitors. This trek will increase new energy and confidence in you.

brahmatal Trek

Short Itinerary of Brahmatal Trek

Day 1- Pickup to you from Dehradun/Rishikesh 6:30 am – Drive to Lohajung – 290 Km (9/10 Hours (2316 Meter) overnight stay Hotel

Day 2 – Trek from Lohajung to Bekaltal (06 km) (4/5 Hours) (3012 meters) overnight stay camp

Day 3 – Trek from Bekaltal to Brahmatal (07 km) (5/6 Hours) (3182 Meter) overnight stay camp

Day 4 – Exploration Day Brahmatal top summit (3774 Meter) back to Daldum camp (6 Km) 6/7 Hours, overnight stay camp

Day 5 – Trek from Daldum camp to Lohajung (3.5 km) ( 3 Hours) (2316 Meter) overnight stay camp

Day 6 – Drive from Lohajung to  Dehradun/Rishikesh  (290 km) (9/10 Hours) drop evening 6 to 7 Pm

Your travel plan for the Brahmatal trek in Uttarakhand

You can book trains, air flights, and bus tickets for your journey only according to the information given by us.

The Brahmatal trek will be of 4 days and 2 days of your journey

First of all, all the trekkers will have to book their flight and train bus according to our timetable as our pick-up is from 6 am to 7 am, you will have to reach Dehradun in the morning.

At Dehradun railway station you will get our staff that will arrange transport for you. The contacts no Transport coordinator or our office team will give you a week ago to your departure

Kathgodam to Lohajung Kathgodam to Lohajung Route Map

Planning your onward Air flight/train/ Bus booking 

If you are traveling from Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, or Gujarat any other city, you will have to come to Delhi, and you will get a train from Delhi to Dehradun comfortably.

To reach Dehradun or Rishikesh for the Brahmatal Trek, you can follow these general guidelines. Keep in mind that transportation options and routes might change, so it’s always a good idea to double-check closer to your travel date.

  1. Reach Delhi: Most travelers start their journey by reaching Delhi, which is a major transportation hub. You can reach Delhi by air, train, or bus, depending on your location.
  2. Delhi to Dehradun/Rishikesh: From Delhi, you have the option to travel to either Dehradun or Rishikesh, both of which are starting points for the Brahmatal Trek.
    • By Air: The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. You can take a direct flight from Delhi to Dehradun. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach the respective trek starting point.
    • By Train: There are several trains that connect Delhi to Dehradun. The Dehradun Railway Station is the main railway station. From there, you can proceed to the trek starting point.
    • By Road: You can also take a bus from Delhi to Dehradun or Rishikesh. There are various private and state-run bus services available. Rishikesh is closer to Delhi compared to Dehradun, and it’s a common starting point for treks in the region.
  3. Rishikesh to Dehradun (if applicable): If you decide to start your trek from Dehradun, you can take a bus or taxi from Rishikesh to Dehradun. The distance between the two is relatively short.
  4. From Dehradun/Rishikesh to Brahmatal Trek Starting Point: The trek starting point for Brahmatal Trek is usually Lohajung. You can follow these steps:
    • By Road: From Dehradun or Rishikesh, you can book a taxi or take a shared jeep to Lohajung. The journey takes around 8-10 hours depending on road conditions.
  5. Trekking Preparations: Before embarking on the trek, make sure you have all the necessary trekking permits, equipment, and supplies. It’s advisable to go through a trekking agency that can arrange for guides, porters, and other logistical support.

Brahmatal Trek Base Camp

ATM Point and Mobile Connectivity in Brahmatal Trek

ATM Point

When you leave for the next trek, you bring the cash according to your requirement and if you want to get the cash in the way, then you will have to go to Dehradun/Rishikesh and there will be no bank ATM to take the cash.  (If you want to withdraw money then do it in Delhi).

Brahmatal Trek Campsite

Mobile Connectivity

The phone does not work in Brahmatal trek, so any necessary calls you make from the Lohajung base camp will not be networked further. You can give your family members contact at our head office to talk about the emergency.

What do we do for safety in the Brahmatal trek?

First of all, the safety of trekkers is much more for us, if you see at the trek, then there are all the risks, which I do not think about.

Himalayan Hikers worry more about you that no one should ever have any problem in the trek.

What should we and you keep more safety in the trek

  • Whenever you are going for any trek, it is very important that you go completely fit and ready.
  • The trek is not difficult, if you make your feet and your mind calm and strong, you will find the trek very easy.
  • While trekking, keep in mind that you are walking on the right route or not always with your guide.
  • Most people look somewhere and where they are walking, this can cause twitching in your legs, which can ruin your entire trek.
  • It is important to ask your doctor if you have any medical problems
  • I should always keep my medical kit with me, it is very important.
  • Himalayan Hikers always keep a medical kit with them, such as oxygen cylinders, and medicine to be given in an emergency on the trek
  • If any trekkers have any more problems, then they are brought back to the base camp by laying them in the stretcher.
  • Our camp in Brahmatal trek is around the tree line where you can not have any problem of oxygen
  • In case of any medical problem, the help of your guide or well-informed trekkers should be taken
  • If there is major health problems in Brahmatal trek, then Nearest Hospital is in Karanparyag, or Rishikesh/ Dehradun which is about 9/10 hours away from Brahmatal trek.

For Himalayan Hikers or trekkers, it’s crucial to have some emergency medical support available, given the remote and rugged terrain they often traverse. Here are some essential medical supplies to consider carrying:

  1. First Aid Kit: Include bandages, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, gauze pads, scissors, tweezers, and a CPR mask.
  2. Oxygen cylinder- Oxygen can be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of altitude sickness, such as headache, dizziness, nausea, and shortness of breath. Administering oxygen can provide relief and help prevent the condition from worsening.
  3. Personal Medications: Any prescribed medications should be carried in sufficient quantities.
  4. Pain Relief: Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief in case of minor injuries or headaches.
  5. Antihistamines: For allergic reactions and insect bites.
  6. Anti-diarrheal Medication: Such as loperamide, in case of gastrointestinal issues.
  7. Water Purification Tablets: In areas where clean water may not be readily available.
  8. Blister Treatment: Moleskin or blister pads for foot care.
  9. Tweezers: For removing splinters or ticks.
  10. Emergency Blanket: To keep warm in case of exposure.
  11. Whistle and Signal Mirror: For attracting attention in emergencies.
  12. Flashlight or Headlamp: Essential for navigating in the dark or signaling for help.
  13. Emergency Communication Device: Such as a satellite phone, PLB (Personal Locator Beacon), or a two-way radio for calling for help if needed.
  14. Basic Wilderness First Aid Guide: To assist in treating common injuries or illnesses.
  15. Sun Protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to protect against sunburn.
  16. Emergency Shelter: Lightweight emergency shelter or tarp for protection from the elements.

It’s also essential for hikers to have basic knowledge of first aid and wilderness survival skills. Additionally, informing someone of your hiking plans and expected return time can be crucial in case of emergencies. Always be prepared and stay safe while exploring the beautiful but challenging Himalayan terrain.

Himalayan Hikers – Provided food During the Brahmatal Trek

         We serve five -05 times meals a day including- Breakfast, Lunch, Eevening Snakes, Soup, Dinner, A variety of delectable and healthy food is provided which includes; Indian, Chinese and other Western meals. They are nutritious and keep you fit and healthy on the trek.(Veg or non-veg  food) With our local food and Day Pack, for Summit Day like fresh fruits

Food Menu– Roti + Rice + Salad + Papad +Matter paneer +Daal +mix veg+ daily more vegetable +sweet+ Bread +Omelets  + jam + butter +Muesli, Milk+Banana+ Allo parantha +Tea & coffee Cornflakes, Milk +Egg bhurji +Bread, Peanut Butter +Pancake  +Plain parantha +Fruits+ Porridge Oats+ +Bread & cheese  +Poha +Boiled egg + Gulab Jamun+ Custard+ Jalebi+ Chilla +Honey+ Puri + Chole more

Note: – This is only list Himalayan Hikers Team or Cook provide you more healthy food and more items of per day menu

The type of food provided during a trek can vary depending on factors like the location, duration, and the trekking company or organization you’re with. However, there are some common types of food that are often included in trekking provisions:

  1. Carbohydrates: Foods high in carbohydrates provide energy for the trek. This includes items like rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes. More
  2. Proteins: Protein-rich foods help with muscle repair and recovery. Common protein sources include lentils, beans, tofu, meat (if available), eggs, and dairy products.
  3. Fruits and vegetables: These provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. While fresh produce may not always be available, dried fruits and vegetables or canned options might be included.
  4. Snacks: Trekking often involves long hours of physical exertion, so snacks are important for quick energy boosts. Snacks like nuts, energy bars, trail mix, and chocolate are common choices.
  5. Local cuisine: Depending on the region you’re trekking in, you might also get the chance to sample local dishes. This can be a delightful way to experience the culture and flavors of the area.


Day 1: Pickup to you from Dehradun railway station – Drive to Lohajung base Camp

Total distance 290 km – 9/10 Hours journey

Mode of journey – By taxi

Altitude – Lohajung – 2316 Meter

Night stay – Our Home stay – on twin/three share basis

The journey from Dehradun via Rishikesh to Lohajung is 09-10 hours long, there will be one or two breaks in which you can have your breakfast and lunch en route.

  1. Dehradun to Rishikesh: As you leave Dehradun, you’ll travel through a mix of urban and suburban areas. The road is well-paved and offers views of the Shivalik hills and the Ganges River. Rishikesh, known for its spiritual significance, is your first major stop. You might see temples, ashrams, and the iconic Laxman Jhula bridge.
  2. Rishikesh to Devprayag: The road continues to wind through the hills as you head towards Devprayag, where the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers converge to form the Ganges. This is a particularly scenic stretch with lush greenery and glimpses of the flowing rivers.
  3. Devprayag to Rudraprayag: The road continues to follow the Alaknanda River upstream. You’ll pass through Rudraprayag, another confluence of rivers, where the Mandakini River joins the Alaknanda. The town is situated at the base of impressive mountains.
  4. Rudraprayag to Karnaprayag: The road continues to ascend, and you’ll pass through Karnaprayag, which is yet another confluence point, this time of the Alaknanda and Pindar rivers. The terrain becomes more mountainous and the air crisper.
  5. Karnaprayag to Tharali: The journey takes you through charming mountain villages, and you’ll get to enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. Tharali is known for its natural beauty and is surrounded by lush forests.
  6. Tharali to Lohajung: The final stretch of the journey takes you through winding roads that offer breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks. As you approach Lohajung, you’ll notice the landscape transitioning into a more alpine environment. Lohajung is the base camp for the Brahmatal Trek and is surrounded by stunning mountain vistas.

Reach Lohajung and today have your dinner and stay at a tourist rest house.


Day 2 : Trek from Lohajung to Bekaltal overnight stay camp

Total distance 06 km – 4/5 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot 06

Altitude – Bekaltal – 3012 Meter

Night Stay – Our Camp – on twin share basis

The trek from Lohajung to Bekaltal is a popular route in the Uttarakhand region of India. Here’s some general information on the route:

Route Overview:

  • Starting Point: Lohajung
  • Destination: Bekaltal
  • Type: Moderate trek
  • Distance: Approximately 06 kilometers (5-6 miles)
  • Duration: Usually takes around 4-6 hours, depending on individual pace and conditions

Route Description:

  1. Lohajung to Bekaltal: The trek begins from Lohajung, which is a common base for several treks in the region. The trail initially passes through forests and gradually ascends. You’ll likely encounter lush greenery, streams, and occasional clearings offering beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The path is relatively well-marked, but it’s advisable to have a local guide or a good map for navigation.

Overnight Stay/Camping:

  • Bekaltal offers a serene camping spot amidst the mountains and is often chosen as an overnight stop for trekkers. There are camping grounds available where you can pitch your tents. Make sure to carry appropriate camping gear, including tents, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment if you plan to stay overnight.

Route View and Map:

  • View: The trek offers stunning views of the Himalayan ranges, including peaks like Nanda Ghunti and Trishul. You’ll also encounter pristine alpine lakes, dense forests, and meadows along the way.
  • Map: Detailed topographic maps of the region can usually be obtained from local trekking agencies or tourist information centers. Additionally, there are trekking guidebooks and online resources that provide maps of the route.


  • Lohajung: Lohajung is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. It serves as a base for several treks in the region, including the popular Roopkund trek.
  • Bekaltal: Bekaltal is situated at an altitude of around 3,050 meters (approximately 10,006 feet) above sea level. It’s nestled amidst the Himalayan mountains and offers a picturesque camping site.

Before embarking on the trek, ensure you have proper gear, including trekking shoes, warm clothing, sufficient food and water, and emergency supplies. Additionally, it’s recommended to check weather forecasts and trail conditions beforehand, especially during the monsoon season or winter months when the region experiences snowfall.


Day 3 : Trek from Bekaltal to Brahmatal

Trek Distance 07 km – 5/6 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot

Altitude – Brahmatal – 3182 Meter

Night Stay – Camp site – on twin share basis

Trekking from Bekaltal to Brahmatal via Jhandi Top is a popular route in the Uttarakhand region of India, offering stunning views of the Himalayan peaks and serene alpine landscapes. Here’s an overview of the trek:

Route Overview:

  • Starting Point: Bekaltal
  • Destination: Brahmatal
  • Via: Jhandi Top
  • Type: Moderate to challenging trek
  • Distance: Approximately 07 kilometers
  • Duration: Typically takes 6-8 hours, depending on individual pace and conditions

Route Description:

  1. Bekaltal to Jhandi Top: The trek starts from Bekaltal, where you’ll follow the trail towards Jhandi Top. The path ascends gradually through dense forests and meadows, offering occasional clearings with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
  2. Jhandi Top: Jhandi Top serves as a high point along the trek, offering breathtaking vistas of the Himalayan ranges. It’s a great spot to take a break, enjoy the scenery, and capture some memorable photographs.
  3. Jhandi Top to Brahmatal: From Jhandi Top, the trail continues towards Brahmatal. You’ll descend from the high point and then ascend again as you make your way towards Brahmatal. The path offers diverse landscapes, including forests, open meadows, and rocky terrain.

Overnight Stay/Camping:

  • There are camping sites available at both Jhandi Top and Brahmatal. Many trekkers choose to camp overnight at Brahmatal to experience the tranquility of the alpine lake and the stunning views of the surrounding peaks.

Route View and Map:

  • View: The trek offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks, including Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, Chaukhamba, and more. You’ll also encounter pristine alpine lakes, dense forests, and meadows along the way.
  • Map: Detailed topographic maps of the region can usually be obtained from local trekking agencies or tourist information centers. Additionally, there are trekking guidebooks and online resources that provide maps of the route.


  • Bekaltal: Bekaltal is situated at an altitude of around 3,050 meters (approximately 10,006 feet) above sea level.
  • Jhandi Top: Jhandi Top is a high point along the trek route, offering panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges.
  • Brahmatal: Brahmatal is known for its pristine alpine lake, situated at an altitude of around 3,400 meters (approximately 11,155 feet) above sea level.

Before embarking on the trek, ensure you have proper gear, including trekking shoes, warm clothing, sufficient food and water, and emergency supplies. Additionally, it’s recommended to check weather forecasts and trail conditions beforehand, especially during the monsoon season or winter months when the region experiences snowfal


Day 4 : – Exploration Day Brahmatal top summit (3774 Meter) on to Daldum camp (06 Km) 6/7 Hours

Trek Distance- 06 km – 6/7 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot

Altitude – – Brahmatal Summit – 3774 Meter

Night Stay – Camp site – on twin share basis

Exploring from Brahmatal Top Summit to Daldum Camp is an exhilarating part of the trek, offering stunning views and diverse terrain. Here’s an overview of this leg of the journey:

Route Overview:

  • Starting Point: Brahmatal Top Summit (3,774 meters)
  • Destination: Daldum Camp
  • Distance: Approximately 6 kilometers
  • Duration: 6-7 hours, depending on individual pace and conditions
  • Difficulty: Moderate to challenging

Route Description:

  1. Brahmatal Top Summit: Begin your day by summiting Brahmatal Top, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks, including Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, Chaukhamba, and others. Take some time to soak in the scenery and capture memorable photographs.
  2. Descent from Brahmatal Top: Descend from the summit, following the trail that leads downwards. The descent may involve navigating through rocky terrain, so proceed with caution.
  3. Trail towards Daldum Camp: As you descend from Brahmatal Top, the trail will lead you through pristine alpine forests, meadows, and possibly some sections of open terrain. Keep following the well-marked path towards Daldum Camp.
  4. Arrival at Daldum Camp: Daldum Camp offers a serene setting amidst the mountains, providing trekkers with a picturesque camping spot. Set up your camp and relax after a day of exploration and trekking.

View and Route:

  • View: Along the route, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas of the Himalayan peaks, dense forests, and alpine meadows. The panoramic views from Brahmatal Top are particularly breathtaking, making it a highlight of the trek.
  • Route: The route is well-marked, but it’s advisable to have a local guide or a good map for navigation, especially in case of any trail diversions or obstacles.

Best Trek:

  • Brahmatal Trek is often regarded as one of the best treks in the Uttarakhand region, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, adventure, and serenity. The trek takes you through dense forests, picturesque meadows, and alongside pristine alpine lakes, culminating in stunning views from Brahmatal Top. It’s a great choice for both beginners and experienced trekkers.

Before embarking on this trek, ensure you have proper gear, including trekking shoes, warm clothing, sufficient food and water, and emergency supplies. Additionally, always check weather forecasts and trail conditions beforehand, and consider hiring a local guide for added safety and navigation assistance.


Day 5 : Trek from Daldum camp to Lohajung

Trek Distance  03 km – 2/3 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot

Altitude – Lohajung – 2316 Meter

The trek from Daldum Camp to Lohajung typically marks the end of the Brahmatal Trek. Here’s an overview of this segment of the journey:

Route Overview:

  • Starting Point: Daldum Camp
  • Destination: Lohajung
  • Distance: Approximately 03 kilometers
  • Duration: Typically takes 3-4 hours, depending on individual pace and conditions
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Route Description:

  1. Departure from Daldum Camp: Leave Daldum Camp in the morning, heading towards Lohajung. The initial part of the trail may involve descending through forests and meadows, depending on the specific location of Daldum Camp.
  2. Arrival at Lohajung: As you approach Lohajung, the landscape may open up, offering views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Lohajung serves as a common base for several treks in the region, and upon arrival, you’ll have the opportunity to rest, unwind, and reflect on your trekking experience.

View and Route:

  • View: Throughout the trek from Daldum Camp to Lohajung, you may enjoy scenic views of the Himalayan peaks, lush forests, and charming villages. Depending on weather conditions, you may also catch glimpses of local flora and fauna along the way.
  • Route: The route is generally well-marked, but it’s advisable to have a local guide or a good map for navigation, especially in case of any trail diversions or obstacles.


  • Weather: Always check weather forecasts before embarking on the trek, as conditions can change rapidly in mountainous regions.
  • Supplies: Ensure you have an adequate supply of water, snacks, and any necessary gear for the trek.
  • Safety: Trekking in the mountains requires caution. Stay on designated trails, be mindful of your surroundings, and avoid trekking alone if possible.

The trek from Daldum Camp to Lohajung offers a memorable conclusion to the Brahmatal Trek, allowing trekkers to soak in the natural beauty and serenity of the Uttarakhand region.


Day 6 : Drive from Lohajung to Dehradun

Total distance 290 km – 9/10 Hours journey

Mode of journey – By taxi

The drive from Lohajung to Dehradun covers a considerable distance through the mountainous terrain of Uttarakhand. Here’s a general overview of the route:

Route Overview:

  • Starting Point: Lohajung
  • Destination: Dehradun
  • Distance: Approximately 290 kilometers
  • Duration: Depending on road conditions and traffic, the drive typically takes around 10-12 hours.

Route Description:

  1. Lohajung to Karnaprayag: The initial part of the journey involves driving from Lohajung to Karnaprayag, a small town situated at the confluence of the Alaknanda and Pindar rivers. This leg of the journey may take around 4-5 hours, covering approximately 110-120 kilometers.
  2. Karnaprayag to Rudraprayag: From Karnaprayag, continue driving towards Rudraprayag, another significant town in the region located at the confluence of the Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers. This stretch of the journey is around 60-70 kilometers and may take 2-3 hours.
  3. Rudraprayag to Devprayag: Proceed from Rudraprayag towards Devprayag, where the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers merge to form the Ganges. This part of the journey covers approximately 70-80 kilometers and may take another 2-3 hours.
  4. Devprayag to Rishikesh: From Devprayag, continue driving towards Rishikesh, a renowned spiritual and adventure tourism destination. This leg of the journey is around 70-80 kilometers and may take another 2-3 hours.
  5. Rishikesh to Dehradun: Finally, drive from Rishikesh to Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand. This stretch of the journey covers approximately 45-55 kilometers and may take around 1-2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

Route View:

  • The route from Lohajung to Dehradun offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains, lush forests, and picturesque river valleys. You’ll pass through several towns and villages, providing glimpses of local life and culture along the way.

Road Conditions:

  • While some sections of the route are well-maintained highways, others may be narrower mountain roads with sharp turns and steep inclines. Exercise caution while driving, especially during adverse weather conditions.


  • Travel Time: The estimated travel time provided here is approximate and may vary depending on factors such as road conditions, traffic, and weather.
  • Rest Stops: Plan for rest stops along the way to stretch your legs, refuel, and grab refreshments.
  • Navigation: While the route is generally straightforward, it’s advisable to have a GPS navigation system or maps to assist with directions, especially in remote areas.

Things to carry on trek

Mandatory Documents

Please carry the documents given below

Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voters ID, etc,
Passport and Visa important to foreigners
Medical Certificate (First part should be filled by the Doctor and Second part by the Trekker)
Declaration Certificates

Note: –  Many trekkers commit the same mistake of carrying unnecessary items on a trek which only makes the backpack heavy. It is important to know the right items to carry.
It differs from season to season if you are trekking in summers then carry less layers of warm clothing and if you are trekking in winters carry enough layers to protect yourself against chilly cold.

Necessary Items for trekkers

carry on a trek

Backpack (50 to 60 liters)
A strongly built backpack with good support is compulsory for a trek. (Rain cover is important)

Sturdy Trekking Shoes
The shoes should be strong enough with good support. The people ask if sports shoes would be comfortable but it is good to bring the right trekking shoes.

The Clothes You Should Bring On a Trek
Avoid keeping extra clothes because it only makes you backpack heavy.

Trek Pants – The jeans are never suitable for a trek so you need at least 2-3 trek pants for treks carry more for longer treks.

Jacket – Jackets are very important to carry on a trek it protects you against the chilly weather. So carry 2 jackets on a week long trek.

Layers of warm Clothing 
Carry warm woolen layers or fleece. Carry more layers during winter season (at least 2 to 3) and less during summer.

Thermals – The Temperature decreases at night so you might be need thermals for Night.

T- Shirts – Bring those t shirts which dry fast.

Poncho –They are needed if you are trekking on a Rainy day to keep you dry.

Hiking Pole

Water Bottle 2

Cap or Balaclava



Woolen and Waterproof Gloves

Socks (Woolen and Regular)


Torch head light

Personal Toiletry Items –  (toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, sanitizer etc.)

Carry Personal Medical Kit

Personal Medical Kit (Carry minimum 5 tablets and maximum 10)

Medicine for Altitude Sickness

Medicine for acidity and discomfort.

Fever and Headache Medicines

Pain Reliever

Motion Sickness Medicine

Medicine for Allergies

Medicine for Diarrhoea

Sprains Cream or Spray

Antiseptic Cream


Band aid


Stretchable/Elastic bandage


Note:- Please take all medicines only when prescribed by the doctor. In case you face any problem during your trek, discuss and take advice from the Professional guide.

It is important to have some guidelines in place in case something unexpected happens. Here are some general guidelines that may be helpful:

  1. Have a first-aid kit: Make sure to carry a well-equipped first-aid kit that can be used to treat minor injuries and ailments.
  2. Follow safety protocols: It is important to follow all safety protocols and guidelines related to the trek. This includes staying on designated trails, avoiding risky or dangerous areas, and staying with your group.
  3. Have a communication plan: Make sure to have a communication plan in place in case of emergencies. This may include carrying a mobile phone or a satellite phone, or using a walkie-talkie to stay in touch with other members of your group.
  4. Know the local emergency services: Be aware of the local emergency services available in the area where you will be trekking. This includes knowing the location of the nearest hospital, police station, or rescue service.
  5. Carry proper gear and equipment: Make sure to carry appropriate gear and equipment for the trek, including proper footwear, warm clothing, and rain gear. This will help you stay comfortable and safe during the trek.
  6. Follow Leave No Trace principles: Follow Leave No Trace principles and leave the trekking area as you found it. This includes packing out all trash and waste, avoiding damaging vegetation, and respecting wildlife.
  7. Stay calm and collected: In case something unexpected happens, try to stay calm and collected. Assess the situation and take appropriate action to stay safe and help others in your group.

It’s also a good idea to consult with a local trekking agency or experienced guide before embarking on a trek, as they can provide additional guidance and support to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Are you Looking for Trekking Equipment on Rent?

If any trekker needs trekking equipment on Rent then Himalayan Hikers has the best trekking equipment available on rent.

There are many people behind this who are in great need of it, it is better to hire it at affordable price without spending much money for just a few days.

Rent Costs per Day

1. Hiking shoes Per day Rs. 100/-

2. Hiking Pant Per Day Rs. 100/-

3. Down Jacket Per Day Rs. 100/-

4. Hiking Pole Per Day Rs. 50/-

5. Headlight Per Day Rs. 50/-

6. Trekking Bag 50 to 60 litter Per Day Rs. 50/-

7. Gloves Per Day Rs. 50/-

Trek Equipment You can book directly at the Base Camp of your trek.

What is Included In This Trek?

Transport from Dehradun to Dehradun or Rishikesh

Forest Permit and entrance fee

Accommodation in Lohajung Hotel

Accommodation in tents on twin/three  share basis

All meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Coffee, Snacks, Soup and Dinner
High quality Dome tents

Sleeping bags



Separate Toilet tents – Ladies and Gents

Dining Tent

Dining Table

Kitchen team

Radio Walkie Talkie for Communication

Good Experience Trek Leader guide and Technical guide

Medical Kit

Oxygen Cylinders

Crampons and Gaiters

What is Not Include In This Trek?

Personal Insurance

Medical Certificate

Personal toiletry Items and Personal Medicine kit

On first day En Route to base camp the Breakfast and Lunch are Not Included

Last Day En Route Lunch and Dinner are Not Included

If you not carry you bag then – Offloading Costs per bag per day Rs. 300.00 pay to Directly Base Camp manager

Reviews (42)

42 reviews for Brahmatal Trek

  1. Swaty Sharma (verified owner)

    A big shout out to Jyoti and Gabar Bisht with a heart felt thanks for making our winter trek to Brahmtaal Trek from 15- 19 Mar 24 seem effortless. Both of them really ensured all the trekkers in the group enjoyed and safely complete the awesome winter trek. All the facilities of stay and food were good. Jyoti ensured that the whole group dynamics always remained positive. Lifetime memories made in the trek. Himalayan Hikers were professional and friendly through out our interaction. Cheers! All the best.

  2. Niveditha Pandit (verified owner)

    I’m 1st time trekker, our guides Jyothi Singh ji and Mr Gabbar was with me during entire Path during trek. In certain difficult segments guides walked hand in hand.
    Thanks to Team for all Logistic arrangements- Great food, tea and snacks.
    Very Rewarding trek- In the same Journey we get to see Forest, Alpine lakes, Snow fall, Snow trek and Also beautiful starry sky!
    This was surely not a easy trek. Need robust fitness to do this trek and Enjoy it.

  3. Kartik Gupta

    One of the best winter treks to witness the snow laden mountains with the view of brahmatal lake.
    Himalayan hikers provided a great service especially food and accommodation.
    Especially our trek leader Kavita ma’am was so supportive and full of energy that she kept motivating us for the entire trek. Overall a great service.

  4. Aryan Srivastav

    it was a great treak, great views, great food, great service and best of all great great guide..

    i was a bit obese but with the help of our guide miss kavita and due to her patience i was able to complete my trek..

    we had so much fun that I can’t even recall..
    thanks to himalyan hikers

  5. Kushagra

    the trek and the leader, Kavita ben were very nice, food was nice and amazing experience

  6. Ishan Pandey

    Himalayan hikers is best for this Trek,special thanks to Kavita mam for such thrilling experience throughout the trek

  7. Ranjeet Singh

    Trekking with Gabar Sir and Kavita Mam was an unforgettable experience. Their expertise and guidance made the journey both thrilling and educational. Kudos to the dynamic duo for creating a special adventure filled with camaraderie and breathtaking views. Highly recommended for those seeking a unique and memorable trekking experience.

  8. Rehnuma Bano

    Have Done Brahmatal trek with Himalaya Hikers.Overall mera bhut mast experience tha. Foods and facilities are really awesome .This is my first trek So mere lie difficult tha but with the help of kavita mam and gabbar sir Mera trek complete hogya with full of enjoyment . They are really best guiders ever.. Thankyou soo muchh Himalaya Hikers Teams..

    Really best Trekking company

  9. Abhi Saxena

    it was a really pleasant experience for my first trek, the guides were motivational and supportive throughout the journey, the food was blissfully delicious. the surroundings we were provided was really beautiful and heartwarming to witness. despite the harsh weather conditions, our guides and the Himalayan hikers team supported us very much!

  10. Priya Yadav

    This was my first trek with Himalayan Hikers and I experienced a lot of fun with Himalayan Hikers Team. Thank you.

  11. Jaini shah

    It was overall an amazing experience on Brahmtal trek with HH team, the view, atmosphere, accommodation, food and overall service was good.. 💞
    Had an fun trek with our guide Kavita ma’am and Surendra sir.. 🌻

  12. Ankit Patel

    I’ve been to Brahmatal Trek in January 2024 with absolutely fantastic, knowledgeable, and reliable guides and trek leader of Himalayan Hikers team. Food, given during the whole trek, was ok. other than the people and whole batch is super good.Himalayan Hikers local trekking team in Uttarakhand,,

  13. vedant gupta

    Bhramtal trek is my 2nd Winter Trek with with Himalayan hikers and the service they provide is commendable – Delicious food,and great support provided by the “Jyoti Singh”(Trek leader)as i came with my full family and because of
    jyoti ji my full family able to do treak successfully.

  14. Nikhar Jain

    Great experience with HH team ans our guide Pradeep for this winter trek. All staff were hard working and down to earth. The arrangements were sufficient to stay in winter.

  15. Sawan Kumar Chhipa

    This was my second winter Trek with HH team. Amazing experience, the views, campsites, food, experienced trek leaders and staff. This has become my favourite trek. Thanks to the HH team.

  16. Arpit Motwani

    We had great fun while bramhatal trek our guide pradeep Singh was very good and was very friendly he helped us complete the trek easily and timely
    The food and amenities were good all from the base camp lohajung all the way to the bramhatal camp

  17. Dishant Valecha

    Best trek company for treks in India.
    Best staff our guide Pradeep is very knowledgeable and supportive with good behaviour. He told us all the information related to peaks and its nearby places.

    Food Quality is Awesome you will get homely food with good quality and warm water in between of trek and at campsites

    Over all it was a awesome experience.

  18. Divyansh Tripathi

    Did Brahmatal trek with Himalayan hikers on 5-01-2024. As expected Himalayan hikers guide were very professional and helped us at every moment. Will do next trek also with Himalayan hikers

  19. Ashwin Jaiswal

    it was a amazing Trek with kavita mam and Hari mohan sir . they guided us very good and food was amazing 😍. after all it was a good experience but it was hardluck for us to not find snow🤣.

  20. Arvind kumar gupta

    Himalayan hiker staff are supportive (Kavita & Mahindra )during the track …& food also good quality.

  21. Sandeep Singh

    Good service of himalyan hikers
    staff is very good
    specially track leaders and guide is very behaviour
    thanks Kavita ji and Mahendra Ji

  22. YASH RAJ

    HIMALAYAN HIKERS TEAM IS LIKE FAMILY FOR ME ….I AM CONNECTED WITH THEM FROM VERY LONG TIME … service they provide you best services for treking hiking best tents best sleeping bags and Trek leader will treat you like you are younger brother or sister for them and teaches you best tricks for hiking .. just go with them …. salute to himalyan hikers team 🇮🇳…. and they will also guide you best trek according to your best suited

    • Himalayan Hikers

      thanks Mr. Yash Raj ji sharing with us you trek experience- have a great day

  23. YASH RAJ

    HIMALAYAN HIKERS TEAM IS LIKE FAMILY FOR ME ….I AM CONNECTED WITH THEM FROM VERY LONG TIME … service they provide you best services for treking hiking best tents best sleeping bags and Trek leader will treat you like you are younger brother or sister for them and teaches you best tricks for hiking .. just go with them …. salute to himalyan hikers team 🇮🇳….

  24. harsh gambhir

    Thank you for an amazing experience Himalayan Hikers.

    Trek was wonderfully arranged, both out trek leaders Mr. Harimohanji and Mrs. Kavitaji provided us with wonderful guidance as well as helped us throughout our trek. Also, kudos to the cook for serving us a delicious as well as nutritious meal at all the times.

    Would surely recommend first time trekkers to try this trek with himalayan hikers, since the end to end support provided is really helpful..!!

  25. Manav

    Amazing experience 😍
    treak leaders Hari and kavita were very helpful and motivating during whole trek,
    The best part of trek was food amazing food,
    overall this being my first trek experience was amazing,
    Thanku Himalayan hikers for the amazing experience.

  26. Pushkar

    Embarking on the Brahmatal trek with Himalayan Hikers from December 18 to 22 was a truly magical experience. Harimohan and Kavita’s expert guidance ensured a perfect blend of adventure and safety, while the delicious and diverse meals warmed our spirits amid the snowy landscapes. The meticulously planned itinerary, comprehensive pre-trek briefing, and insightful historical context added layers to the journey. The summit experience, with detailed explanations of surrounding peaks, stood out as a highlight. Himalayan Hikers not only provided a safe and well-organized trek but crafted an unforgettable winter adventure filled with warmth, delicious cuisine, and enriching narratives.

  27. Shrinivas Shimpukade

    Great Experience, Great Food , Leaders Harimohan and kavita were very cooperative
    Highly recommended

  28. Avinash Singh

    I did Brahmatal Trek with Himalaya Hikers from 18th December 2023 to 22nd December 2023. overall Trek experience was amazing had best service from the team our trk leader Kavita ji and Hari bhai was very cooperative and amazing personalities.Food and overall service was very good. Highly recommended

  29. Atharva Abhay Devare

    The Brahmatal trek with Himalayn Hikers exceeded all expectations! Our trek leaders Harimohan and Kavita were very co-operative. The detailed safety measures demonstrated Himalayan Hiker’s commitment to providing an unforgettable trekking adventure. Highly recommended for those seeking a perfect blend of nature, challenge, and comfort!”

  30. Suraj Joshi

    I’ve been to Brahmatal Trek with HH December 2023, and it was worth every penny. The food was awesome. Harimohan bhai and Kavita Ji were very friendly and helpful during the treks as guides. Himalayan hikers is highly recommended trekking company.

  31. Mr Rinkal D Patel

    awasome service . rooms are clean. perfect location.

    • Himalayan Hikers


  32. Sulabh Chopra

    Enjoyed my Kedarkantha trek in 2022 (COVID times) and food and services provided were really good.

    • Himalayan Hikers

      thanks ji



  34. Srabani Samanta

    We just completed the Brahmatal trek. It was amazing and HH was extremely professional. Our trek leader Amit Rawat was attentive, caring, observant yet disciplined. Each camp site was chosen with care.
    We were a group of 10 of varying ages & capabilities. Not all of us were well st start of the trek either but thanks to the amazing team we managed to complete the trek. Hats off to their patience, caring attitude & professionalism.
    Though ours was an autumn trek, it turned into a winter one after 4hrs of hailstorm, blizzard at Tilandi top. We were served hot food on most days and their food is really good.
    The quality of equipment- tent & sleeping bags were also decent compared to other trek companies.
    I would definitely go with HH again.

    • Himalayan Hikers

      Thank you very much madam ji , you have shared your experience, we will continue to do better in future also.

  35. Rajesh

    We have undertaken the brahmatal trek from Himalayan hikers for the period 15 Jan 2022 to 20 Jan 2022.

    We were a group of 12 trekkers. The guides sooraj and balli very professional.
    The equipments like tents, sleeping bags were of excellence quality and they kept us warm in the sub zero snow nights.

    The food was yummy on all days.

    Everything was planned very well by the trek coordinator. The briefing by the guides were to the point and very informative.

    Hoping to go on many more treks with Himalayan hikers in future.

  36. Vinay Patel

    I Had Completed Kedarkantha Trek with H.H. The service of Company was very nice, Every day good delicious food during the trek. Thanks to kuldeepji

    • Himalayan Hikers

      thanks Mr. Vinay Patel ji

  37. Alka Maheshwari

    Have done brahmatal trek with Himalayan hikers 2021 good trained trek leaders, Food and Camp , gaiters is well taken care of such that it suits the conditions, and is also tasty. The himalayan hikers local people they hire as support staff are very humble, friendly and will help you thanks H.H

  38. Anjali Godambe

    Brahmatal trek my first winter trek with Himalayan Hikers it was great experience our guide kishan ji great and helpful food nice all time spacial thanks for kuldeep rawat ji..

  39. Shantanu

    Himalayan hike best trekking organization team all our trek Guide very helpful.. food good spacilly sleeping bag and ⛺ to good

  40. Anuska shah

    This is our 4th trek with Himalayan hikers
    I already completed.. kedarkantha and Har ki dun, Hampta pass, kuari pass with Himalayan hikers

    All services very good and food equipment guide ramesh ji , Raju, mahendar bhai all team I will recommend to all join Himalayan hikers this is is local trekking organization in uttarakhand Himalayas

  41. Umesh Deuskar

    Himalayan Hikers is one of the best trekking company right now in Uttarakhand India ,,

  42. Ashwini Singh

    I’ve been to Brahmatal Trek in January 2020 with absolutely fantastic, knowledgeable, and reliable guides, cook, and trek leader of Himalayan Hikers team. Food, given during the whole trek, was really awesome. Himalayan Hikers local trekking team in Uttarakhand,,

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