Mountaineering A Dream of Many

Mountaineering – A Dream of Many

April 3, 2019


Mountaineering  – Nowadays it has become a trend and everybody is pursuing it, Just because of the scenic vistas and the awe-inspiring beauty that mountains offer.

There are so many travel companies in the market, And social media has become their major platform to attract people which gives them a temporary delusion that they made for adventures. But very few of them are ready to pursue it seriously.


“Mountaineering” is much more than the craze among youth to get many pictures. and get more and more likes on their Instagram or Facebook account (social media) to look cool amongst all. But, a strong desire to be a professional is missing.

Phulara Ridge

People have mistaken it to just reaching the summit, and for this, they are ready to pay extra bugs to the Sherpas. That is not “Mountaineering”.

So, among thousands of people, very few pursue it seriously, and others do it for the sake of doing it.


Written by – Tulika Negi

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