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The Real Hero’s of Himalayas

November 25, 2019

Mr. Chain Singh Rawat the Co-Founder of Himalayan Hikers

Today I am going to tell you about such a person who has a deep connection with nature and born to a normal family in village sour, post office Sankri, district Uttarkashi,
Mr. Chain Singh Rawat is an influence on all people.

He has gone through the difficult conditions of life. He made himself a skilled Mountaineer, but also made people aware.

The first skilled Mountaineer from the Mori region, Mr. Bhagat Singh Rawat, did his basic course in 1995. After that another skilled Mountaineer, Mr. Chain Singh Rawat is an inspiration for the people today.

Due to these two climbers, the remote Village Sour Sankri has made its own image. After this, today many climbers have developed as skilled businessmen.

Mr. Chain Singh Rawat is the person whose change emerged as a famous Tourist destination of Village Sour Sankri, block Mori, and Uttarkashi district Uttarakhand.

Today every day more than 200 tourists come to the Sankri, which is an important resource of Employment.

social and trekking activities

Today Mr. Chain Singh Rawat Employs about 250 youths from more than 15 villages.

There was a problem with vehicles in Sankri, but today more than 74 vehicles run in the Sankri. Working pickup and drop for trekkers

Also, Horses help in carrying the goods of tourism which is a major means of employment.

Today every family in the Sankri village is connecting themselves to this employment.

Similarly, The hotel business in Sankri is an increase, which is a good sign for villagers. This employment of Tourism has prevented people from growing up.

Due to the efforts of the Chain Singh Rawat now Tourism has increased so much that so now the people of the village have started to the home-stay.

As a result, now In winter the number of tourists increases so much that there seems to be a fair in the village.

Mr. Chain Singh Rawat has stopped the migration and has made every effort to increase Tourism.

And the most important thing is that Mr. Chain Singh Rawat opened a school named Har ki dun Public School in 2011.

HDPS Students

Also, Providing Education is the best work that Mr. Chain Singh Rawat is doing. Provides free education to poor and orphaned children.

Therefore, Today this name is known as a skilled Mountaineer in Uttarakhand, India and abroad. Work for the benefit of the Society and always ready for social work.

Due to his simple nature, he gained a lot of popularity in the society.

He has achieved many achievements in the field of Mountaineering.

Hence, such a person should be encouraged by society and the government, so that the coming ages can also be motivated for social service.


Basic Mountaineering Course (2000) Sponsored by Indian Mountaineering Foundation New Delhi, Grading Awarded “A” from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) Uttarkashi.

Advance Mountaineering Course (2002) Sponsored by (IMF) New Delhi, Grading Awarded “A” from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) Uttarkashi.

Method of Instructions Courses (2003) (Private) Grading Award “B” from NIM Uttarkashi.
Search and Rescue Mountaineering Course (2005) (Private) Grading Award “A” from NIM Uttarkashi.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation participated in the Alpine Climbing Camp from 11-30 September 2003 held at Kulti Nala CB Range in Lahoul Himachal Pradesh.

Mountaineering experience

Indian Mountaineering Foundation 7th Liaison Officer Course organized with the cooperation of Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Uttarkashi from 18 November to 1 December 2003.

Tenzing Norgay Adventure Camp – from Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Autonomous Body ministry of youth affairs and Sports Govt of Indian March 10-19 march 2004.

Skiing Training Pre- Basic Course, Grading Award (A) from OSD officer on special duty adventures tourism Uttarkashi Uttarakhand from February 15 to 24 February 2002.


Baby Shivling (5490 meters) advance Course 2002 Tombo/ Tent peak (5900 meters) with the alpine climbing camp 2003 at Kulti Nala CB Range in Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh.

Happy trekkers in Sankri Base Camp

Draupadi -Ka- Danda (5670 meters) advance course NIM 2004 Kedar Dome (6833 meters) Special Advance Mountaineering Course (NIM) for the Indian Army Women Expedition (2004) Summiteers only up to 6500 meters.

Kalanag (Black Peak) (6387 meters) with Rajasthan Adventures Foundation (Bikaner) 2006.
Mt. Satopanth (7075 meters) and unnamed mountain first ascent (6120 meters) Expedition in August 2007 organized by OSD, Adventure Tourism Uttarakhand Uttarkashi.


Instructor of Adventure Courses, Rock Climbing, ICE Climbing, Advanced, and Basic Mountaineering Course at “The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering”.

girls trekkers in Himalayan Hikers


Har Ki Dun, Kedarkantha, Rupin Pass, Bali Pass, Borasu Pass, Tapovan, Raktvan, Baraadsar, Nalgan Pass, Valley of flowers, Dhumdar Kandi Pass, Manjidanda Pass, Devkyara, Kanasar, Kedartal, Kuari pass, Maldaru lake, Sarutal, Phulara Ridge, Vasuki Tal, Mayali Pass, etc.


Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath

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