Trekking Equipments Shop in  Sankri – Rent or Sale

July 2, 2021

Trekking equipments shop in  Sankri –  Rent or Sales -2023-2024

Himalayan Hikers is a local Trekking organization that has the biggest Trekking & Camping  equipment Shop or base camp in Sankri, District Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand India.

Sankri is a small market which is very beautiful, these base camps are the base camp of more than 25 treks and more than 6 expeditions. The Altitude of Sankri is 1920 meters above sea level, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Every year thousands of people come here for trekking, and Expeditions which are the treks starting from Sankri base Camp.

A lot of trekkers have been coming here for the last few 10 years, which is a matter of great happiness for the local people here. It gives good employment to the people.

Due to which people do not migrate from here, people of more than 15 villages in Mori block of Uttarakhand are associated with the work of tourism. Guide, Porters, Cook, Helper, Taxi, Hotel, Home Stay more. 

Himalayan Hikers are a local team of Sankri, which is today the top trekking organization of Uttarakhand and India, today Himalayan Hikers have been doing this work for more than 30 years.

For information, also tell that Himalayan Hikers have their own hotel and a new home stay where you can make your trip even more spectacular. Amp; Memorable. 

Trekking equipment rent shop in sankriCheck out the list of what Trekking Equipments Himalayan Hikers Provides you on rent

Himalayan Hikers help all their guests here in every way, If anyone comes here without any trekking equipment, then we give them all the trekking equipment at the right and reasonable price.

We can easily give rent to more than 1000 people here in a day. The reason behind this is that there is a Trekking Equipment shop of Himalayan Hikers in the Sankri base camp where you can get everything.

You can also buy new Trekking Equipments here at the right price, which you will get from Decathlon at the right cost. You will get buy and Rent  99% trekking equipments at Himalayan Hikers Shop at Sankri. 

You can also easily take food items from the shop of Himalayan Hikers. Sankri market. 

Note:- In our shop we get useful and suitable Trekking equipment for winter and summer which will make your trek easy and comfortable. And you can also take a look in front of you as you think is right. 

Himalayan Hikers  are offering the Kedarkantha trek Package With Winter trekking gears

( Hiking Shoes, worm winter jacket, hiking pants, poncho, hiking pole, )

Option -014 nights 05 days


Trek fee Per person Rs. 7,000.00 from Dehradun to Dehradun Including all costs of the Trek
Option -025 nights 06 days


Trek fee Per person Rs. 7,500.00 from Dehradun to Dehradun Including all costs of the Trek

Also, know about – What To Carry On A Trek

We have a list of the Camping/Trekking equipment available on rent as follows

S.No.Camping Equipment nameCosts Per Day
01Dome Tent -04 ManRs. 300.00
02Dome Tent- 02 man Rs. 200.00
03Sleeping Bag Rs. 100.00
04Liner Rs. 50.00
05Pillow Rs. 25.00
06Mattress Rs. 50.00
07Kitchen tent Rs. 300.00
08Dining Tent Rs. 400.00
09Camping Chair Rs. 200.00
10Camping Stole Rs. 100.00
11Toilet Tent Rs. 100.00
12Toilet seat Rs. 50.00
13Kitchen utensil All Rs. 600.00
14Gas cylinder 35 KgRs. 2000.00
15Gas Bhatti Rs. 200.00 per Day 

Trekking equipment rent shop in sankri

We have a list of the Trekking Equipment available on rent as follows:

S.No.Hiking /trekking Equipment’s nameCosts Per Day
01Waterproof Quechua shoesRs. 150.00
02Waterproof –  Liberty Hiking ShoesRs. 100.00
03Local – Waterproof Gumboot Rs. 50.00
04Hiking Pants for winter 

Temperature for (- 5 to -20) 

Rs. 100.00
05Hiking Pant for Summer 

Temperature for ( 5 to 20) 

Rs. 100.00
06Jacket for Winter 

Temperature for (- 5 to -20) 

Rs. 100.00
07Jacket for Summer 

Temperature for ( 5 to  20) 

Rs. 100.00
08Head Light Rs. 50.00
09Hiking Pole Rs. 50.00
10Waterproof PonchoRs. 50.00
11Hiking Bags 50 to 75 LitersRs. 100.00

Note :-  All trekkers have to remember that you should never rent clothes from inside to avoid this. You  
should buy your own clothes from inside.

  1. As a responsible trekking organization, we are concerned about your people’s safety. this is our first priority, And also keep in mind that there should not be any kind of compromise in trekking
  2. Many people sometimes make wrong decisions to save money which can be fatal.
  3. Remember, you have the right to take complete information from the website of the person with whom I am going for trekking.
  4. Are you the right people with whom you booked the trek or not and how much experience and where do you live?
  5. Before going on the trek, give the details of that office and company to your mother and father who can ask for your correct information.
  6. Always do the trekking with those who give you the answers to your questions and the right information.
  7. Wherever you go in the whole world, where you are booking your travel, definitely see their certificate. and all information 

 You can Contact us anytime

9756197558, 7505699509

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    I want treking gears

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    December 23, 2021

    25 to 28 tent with sleeping bag available for rent?

  3. Avinash
    November 18, 2021

    We want to trek kedarkantha trek in Feb 2022. Would you like to give me the literary and expenses of the entire trek.. I have a total strength of 15 to 20 people

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      Hi Avinash Ji namaste please feel free call us 9756197558, 9412019974

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