Things To Carry on a Trek

Things To Carry On A Trek

March 22, 2019

Things to Carry on a Trek

Things to carry on a Trek is most important before going on a Trek. Trekking is the topmost adventure activity that takes one close to nature’s exquisiteness. It makes you dive deep into the pulchritude amid the serenity. India has tremendously beautiful regions that offer numerous trekking opportunities.

For a successful trek, before anything; you need to prepare! It is very important to be aware of ‘What Things to Bring on a Trek’.

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Things To Carry On A Trek

Here is a list of Things to Carry on a Trek

Follow this and make your hikes less worrisome.

Documents: 1st Things to Carry on a Trek

(It is mandatory to carry these documents)

Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voters ID, etc.)

Medical Certificate (First part should be filled by the Doctor and Second part by the Trekker)

Risk Certificates

Essentials on a Trek: 2nd Things to Carry on a Trek

Choose your Backpack and Shoes wisely

Backpack (50 to 60 liters)

A strongly built backpack with good support is compulsory for a trek. In the case of Rainfall, the bag needs to be protected so you will need Rain cover.

A good backpack is expensive so you can also rent it from Himalayan Hikers

Sturdy Trekking Shoes

The shoes should be strong enough with good support. The people ask if sports shoes would be comfortable but it is good to bring the right trekking shoes.

Things To Carry On A Trek


 This depends on the season in which you are trekking (Summers or Winters).

Trek Pants :

The jeans are never suitable for a trek so you need at least 2-3 trek pants for treks like Kedarkantha, Dayara Bugyal, Rupin Supin, etc. Carry more for longer treks.


Jackets are very important to carry on a trek it protects you against the chilly weather. So carry 2 jackets on a week-long trek.

Layers Of Warm Clothing

Including Jacket, you should carry warm woolen layers or fleece. Carry more layers during the winter season and less during summer.


The Temperature decreases at night so you might need Thermals for the night.


The sunburns are very common at high altitudes so carry full-sleeved light t-shirts that cover the neck and arms. But only bring those t-shirts which dry fast.

They are needed if you are trekking on a Rainy day it will keep you dry.

Basic Requirements: 3rd Things to Carry on a Trek

Water Bottle

Cap or Balaclava


Woolen and Waterproof Gloves

Socks (Woollen and Regular)


Hiking pole

Toiletry Items the 4th Things to Carry on a Trek

It Includes :
Toilet paper, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Sanitizer, Sunscreen (40+ SPF), Moisturiser, Lip balm, Small towel, Face wash, and Comb.

(Wet wipes are harmful to the environment as they are not biodegradable so do not carry them.)

(If you are carrying sanitary napkins bring them back with you in a small bag and do not dispose of them in mountains.)

Personal Medical Kit: 5th Things to Carry on a Trek

(Carry minimum 5 tablets and maximum 10)

Diamox – (Prevents altitude sickness)

Digene – (It cures discomfort in stomach, acidity)

Crocin Advance – (Cures fever and headache)

Aspirin/Combiflam – (Pain reliever)

Disprin – (Cures headache)

Avomine – (Prevents motion sickness)

Avil – (It treat allergies)

Norflox TZ & Lomofen – (Prevents Diarrhoea)

Ranitidine – (Reduces the amount of acid in the stomach)

Volini/Moov spray – (For sprains)

Betadine/Savlon – (Antiseptic cream)




Stretchable/Elastic bandage


Note: Use medicines only when prescribed by the doctor. In case you face any problem during your trek, discuss and take advice from the professional guide.

We provide all these following in the Trek Package

High-quality tents

Sleeping Bags



Dining Table

Dining Chairs



First Aid Kit

Oxygen Cylinders

Toilet Tents





Kitchen team

Radio Walkie Talkie for Communication

Good Experience Trek Leader guide and Technical guide


All meals: breakfast, packed lunch, tea, coffee, snacks, soup, and dinner

Written by – Tulika Negi

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