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10 Days - 9 Nights
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Nalgan Pass Trek a Himalayan Pass in Uttarakhand

Nalgan Pass Trek is through Garhwal and Himachal Himalayas and this Himalayan Pass is located at an altitude of 4978 meters. It starts close to the border of Himachal; you can explore the variety of Flora and Fauna.

Trek to a phenomenal “Wish fulfilling one the way” Baraadsar Lake (4300 m or Kanasar Lake (4600 m) it lies amidst high ridges and is worshiped by the people it is one of the virgin treks not known by many.

Nalgan pass trek come under Govind Wildlife Sanctuary National park in Uttarkashi district Uttarakhand or Himachal No doubt, the Himalayas have enchanting beauty, bracing climate and desirable soothing green meadow. So, what else can be better than spending some days here in the serenity!

Outstanding views in Nalgan Pass Trek

Get the views from Nalgan Pass of Garhwal side and Kinnaur in Himachal; look at the snow-capped peaks which can be seen on every side. En route come across the Kanasar Lake which lies in the remote region of Himalayas.

The sights are spectacular, high ridges surround this lake or pass and are in lower middle part. The trail is exhilarating and it takes you through alluring meadows and high ridges this trek is not at all for beginners because it varies from moderate to difficult.

The access is through the alluring valleys and further you have to cross a ridge that separates Rupin and Supin valley and then the area becomes barren with boulders all around. The views from summit are enthralling, you get panoramic views from there of snow covered peaks and they capture all the attention of visitors.

Why to choose Nalgan Pass Trek?

Before heading towards the itinerary, it is really essential to perceive the reason behind choosing Nalgan pass trek.

See firstly, the trekking distance is a total of by taxi 210 Km and on foot 64 km which is to be covered into 8 days. Dehradun to via Rupin or Supin valley Baraadsar Lake or manjivan

Nalgan pass trek is a high altitude mountain trek Altitudes is 4978 Meters

The Starting trail is moderate as compare to other treks this is difficult trek. So this trek is not for beginners

Need proper gear & clothing for sub-zero temperature?
You got to see so many heavenly bodies at one place like the panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges, you can see pine forests, different variety of flora and fauna surpassing through bona fide Garhwali and himachal , Kinnauri heritage and culture.

I think Do spare time in Interaction with our local’s team, and you will get to know about some of the ancient tales of Indian mythology and our local cultures, this is good ideas for trekkers

Beautiful landscapes so carry proper photo gear & Extra battery backup.

The backpack should not exceed 12 kg only

Must Read about Nalgan Pass Trek

Duration:  09 nights or 10 Days Dehradun to Sangla

Best Season: May, June, Sep, Oct and

Level: Moderate

Highest Point: 4978 m

Weather: Nights are cold and day temperature is pleasant during the season.

Summer temperature: (5°C to 15°C) (3°C to 5°C)

Starting point: Sankri

Trek distance – On foot 61 Km – By taxi 210 km

Group Size – minimum 5 people maximum 15 people

Short Itinerary of Nalgan pass Trek

Day 1: Pickup to you from Dehradun railway station drive to Sankri (210 km) (8/9 Hours) (1920 Meter)

Day 2 – Drive from Sankri to Kasla (38 km) trek to Rala Thach via Fhitari village (05 km) (3/4hours)

Day 3 – Trek from Rala to Devbasa (8 km) (4/5 hours) (3650 meter)

Day 4 – Trek from Devbasa to Baraadsar Lake (7 km) (4/5 hours) (4300 Meter)

Day 5 – Trek from Baraadsar Lake to Gulgaar/Manjivan (7 km) (4/5 hours) (4500 Meter)

Day 6 – Trek from Manjivan to Panch Odari (6 km) (3/4 hours) (4678 Meter)

Day 7 – Trek from Panch Odari to Ghatadi Gad (7 km) (4/5 hours) (4770 Meter)

Day 8 – Rest + Acclimatization Day

Day 9 – Trek from Ghatadi Gad to Nalgan Pass (4978 m) and trek to Sangla Kanda (12 km) (6/7 hours)

Day 10 – Trek from Sangla Kanda to Sangla market


Day 1: Pickup to you from Dehradun railway station drive to Sankri Hotel

Total distance – 210 km – 8/9 Hours journey

Mode of journey – By taxi

Altitude –Sankri – 1920 Meter

Night stay – Hotel – on twin share basis

The vehicle will be arranged from Dehradun railway station and it will leave for Sankri at 6:30 am (Transportation is included in the package, breakfast and lunch en route are excluded). The journey is 7-8 hours long with plethora of sceneries. Yamuna River and Tons valley are visible across the Yamuna Bridge en route.

Go through beautiful hilly areas i.e. Mussoorie, Damta, Nowgao, Netwar and Purola. In some of these villages you can see people working in fields and have a glimpse of their lifestyle. When you go through the forests, peep out of your window and look at the combination of dark and light greenery, it looks picture perfect.

Ahead cross an entry gate of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Sankri lies there. When the Baraadsar mountain range and other snow-capped mountains comes into sight then in 15-20 minutes you can reach Sankri.

Sankri is a small market with less number of houses, there is a famous mini market of with few wooden huts serving traditional and delicious food. From here some mountain ranges are visible. We own a hotel named “Swargarohini”, enjoy your dinner and relaxing stay there.


Day 2 : Drive from Sankri to Kasla (38 km) trek to Rala Thach via Fhiatri village

Trek Distance – 05 km – 3/4 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot

Altitude – Rala camp – 2300 Meter

Night Stay – Hotel – on twin share basis

Drive from Sankri to Kasla village is 38 km long and you can reach there in two hours, the greenery will accompany you all along your journey.

Jakhol is a village in Mori, from there your trek stars to Obra Gad which is 6 km away. We will provide packed lunch which you can have in middle of the day.

The trail will take you through beautiful Himalayan villages like Fhitari village, where you can have a glimpse of their life in mountains. People living in mountains have a total different lifestyle and traditions, knowing about their traditional values and culture can change anyone as a person. So, do communicate with them on the way as they heartily welcome you.

The campsite Rala Thach is a wide meadow with ample of space for camping. Set your tents at this delightful place and retire for the night.


Day 3 :Trek from Rala to Devbasa camp

Trek Distance – 08 km – 4/5 Hours journey

Mode of journey – By taxi

Altitude – Devbasa – 3650 Meter

Night Stay – Our Camp site – on twin share basis

Start the trek towards Rala village and move forward to Devbasa. The trail goes through the beautiful region of Himalayas, cross some steep ascents and trek through dense forests to reach Devbasa which joins two mountains.

This campsite is windy and rocky, the temperature will be low here so keep yourself warm to protect against chilly cold. Relish the sight of Gangotri range and the trail of Baraadsar is also visible. After setting up camps, retire early.


Day 4 : Trek from Devbasa to Baraadsar Lake

Trek Distance – 07 km – 4/5 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot

Altitude – Baraadsar Lake – 4300 Meter

Night Stay – Our Camp site – on twin share basis

Today’s trek is the longest one on rough trail from Dev Base to Baraadsar Lake, take any of the two routes. The short one is steep but the trail is risky because there are rocks and big boulders.

From Baraadsar ridge Baraadsar Lake is visible from a distance and the ridges surround it from three sides. After 2 hours strenuous trek Baraadsar Lake can be reached. There will be snow-patches on the way and you will be crossing some glaciated regions.

Reach Baraadsar Lake located amid high ridges, this lake is in the lower middle surface and it looks dark as the shadow of mountains can be seen on it. People believe that wishes here never go unfulfilled so do make a wish and try the power of this Lake.

Setup your camps nearby and retire for the night.


Day 5 : Trek from Baraadsar Lake to Guglaar/Manjivan

Trek Distance – 07 km – 4/5 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot

Altitude – Guglaar – 4500 Meter

Night Stay – Our Camp – on twin share basis

Make a wish and bid adieu to this wish fulfilling lake. Now, start the trek early towards Manjivan. By passing through dense forest section of pines and oaks the trail gets steep and the climb becomes challenging.

Take short breaks and reach Manjivan, or guglaar camp one of the finest Bugyal and a great campsite. Setup your camps and settle for the day.


Day 6 : Trek from Manjivan to Panch Odari

Distance – 06 km – 3/4 Hours journey

Mode of journey –On foot

Altitude – Panch Odari – 4678 Meter

Night Stay – Camp site – on twin share basis

Start the trek from Manjivan and on the way get enthralling views of high ridges and snow covered mountains. Till Odari the trek is 6 km long which can be covered in approximately 3 to 4 hours?

Odari is a rock cave, it is said that Bali (Hanuman’s brother) stayed here for one night. Reach your campsite and enjoy the majestic views of Bandarpoonch and Swargarohini, the sights are phenomenal.
Aura of this place will surely revive your mind.

At night have dinner and spend your night in tents.


Day 7: Trek from Panch Odari to Ghatadi Gad

Distance – 07 km – 4/5 Hours journey

Mode of journey –On foot

Altitude – Ghatadi gad – 4770 Meter

Night Stay – Hotel – on twin share basis

Today the trek is steep and the trail leads to base of the gully. The climb is sheer over loose rocks and grass patches, the trail eases after sometime and you reach the narrow rocky top.

After a tough hike reach the Ghatadi Gad campsite and from here the other route is also visible.

There are loose rocks everywhere and the passes are also visible. Setup your camps, have salubrious food and settle for the day.


Day 8 : Rest + Acclimatization Day

Go for short hikes today and get yourself ready for a strenuous trek tomorrow.


Day 9: Ghatadi Gad to Nalgan Pass (4978 m) and trek to Sangla Kanda

Distance – 12 km – 6/7 Hours journey

Mode of journey –On foot

Altitude – Sangla kanda – 4978 Meter

Night Stay – Camp site – on twin share basis

Wake up early morning – have some breakfast, start trek today is long day, It is the longest day of the trek and the trek to Nalgan Pass is strenuous climb to the height of 4978 Meter. The trail is followed by steep ascents and no descents.

From this Himalayan Pass the high Himalayan peaks shining in glory are clearly visible, have a look at all the peaks and then leave for Sangla, descending is long and steep.

Cross Rukti Gad and descent towards Sangla, it is your campsite for today. Pitch your tents, wait for the salubrious food to be served and retire for the night.


Day 10: Trek from Sangla Kanda to Sangla market

Distance – 09 km – 4/5 Hours journey

Mode of journey –On foot

Night Stay – Home stay – on twin share basis

Leave early from Sangla, after a short trek vehicle will be arranged to reach the main Sangla market.
Note: – Transport costs pay to directly your taxi driver

Things to carry on trek

Mandatory Documents

Please carry the documents given below

Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voters ID, etc,
Passport and Visa important to foreigners
Medical Certificate (First part should be filled by the Doctor and Second part by the Trekker)
Declaration Certificates

Note: –  Many trekkers commit the same mistake of carrying unnecessary items on a trek which only makes the backpack heavy. It is important to know the right items to carry.
It differs from season to season if you are trekking in summers then carry less layers of warm clothing and if you are trekking in winters carry enough layers to protect yourself against chilly cold.

Necessary Items for trekkers

carry on a trek

Backpack (50 to 60 liters)
A strongly built backpack with good support is compulsory for a trek. (Rain cover is important)

Sturdy Trekking Shoes
The shoes should be strong enough with good support. The people ask if sports shoes would be comfortable but it is good to bring the right trekking shoes.

The Clothes You Should Bring On a Trek
Avoid keeping extra clothes because it only makes you backpack heavy.

Trek Pants – The jeans are never suitable for a trek so you need at least 2-3 trek pants for treks carry more for longer treks.

Jacket – Jackets are very important to carry on a trek it protects you against the chilly weather. So carry 2 jackets on a week long trek.

Layers of warm Clothing 
Carry warm woolen layers or fleece. Carry more layers during winter season (at least 2 to 3) and less during summer.

Thermals – The Temperature decreases at night so you might be need thermals for Night.

T- Shirts – Bring those t shirts which dry fast.

Poncho –They are needed if you are trekking on a Rainy day to keep you dry.

Hiking Pole

Water Bottle 2

Cap or Balaclava



Woolen and Waterproof Gloves

Socks (Woolen and Regular)


Torch head light

Personal Toiletry Items –  (toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, sanitizer etc.)

Carry Personal Medical Kit

Personal Medical Kit (Carry minimum 5 tablets and maximum 10)

Medical Kit

Diamox – (Prevents altitude sickness)

Digene – (It cures discomfort in stomach, acidity)

Crocin Advance – (Cures fever and headache)

Aspirin/Combiflam – (Pain reliever)

Disprin – (Cures headache)

Avomine – (Prevents motion sickness)

Avil – (It treat allergies)

Norflox TZ & Lomofen – (Prevents Diarrhoea)

Ranitidine – (Reduces the amount of acid in stomach)

Volini/Moov spray – (For sprains)

Betadine/Savlon – (Antiseptic cream)


Band aid


Stretchable/Elastic bandage


Note:- Use medicines only when prescribed by the doctor. In case you face any problem during your trek, discuss and take advice from the Professional guide.

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What is Included In This Trek?

Transport Facility

Forest Permit and entrance fee

Accommodation in Hotel Sankri

Accommodation in tents on twin share basis

All meals: breakfast, packed lunch, tea, coffee, snacks, soup and dinner

(All camping gears)

High quality tents

Sleeping bags




Separate Toilet tents – Ladies and Gents

Dining Tent

Dining Table




Kitchen team

Radio Walkie Talkie for Communication

Good Experience Trek Leader guide and Technical guide

Medical Kit

Oxygen Cylinders

Crampons and Gaiters

What is Not Include In This Trek?

Personal Insurance

Medical Certificate

Personal toiletry Items and Personal Medicine kit

On first day En Route to base camp the Breakfast and Lunch are Not Included

Last Day En Route Lunch and Dinner are Not Included

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