Pin Parvati Pass Trek

13 Days - 12 Nights
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  • Parvati Pass Trek
  • Pin Parvati Trek
  • Pin Parvati Pass Trek


Pin Parvati Pass Trek is one of the Trickiest Trek in Himachal 

Manali attracts a large number of people and is a delight for trekking enthusiast. Pin Parvati Pass Trek is one of the trickiest trek because of the high altitude (17,500 feet) and it remains frozen almost throughout the year.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is a beautiful trek located at the height of 5319m starting from Kheerganga in Parvati Valley and ending in Mudh Village of Spiti Valley.

The Pass is named after the pass link of Parvati Valley to Spiti that is connects Kullu valley (Parvati Valley) to Pin Valley (Spiti Valley). It takes 11 days to complete the entire trek.

Beautiful Mountains View

The exciting part of this trek is that there is abundant beauty of nature with attractive landscapes, undulated valleys, lush greenery, and alpine forests. The trek starts from a village called kalga. To reach here you have to drive to Barsheini village. You will cross endless meadows and beautiful wildflowers starting from Kheerganga to Tunda Bhuj.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is a Adventurous 13 Days Sojourn  

This trek starts from Kullu and ends in Manali, it is going to be an 11 days adventurous sojourn. Here you can find the beauty in abundance because of captivating changing landscapes, alluring greenery, alpine forests, colorful blooming flowers and admirable sceneries.

Beautiful Green Mountains View in Parvati Pass Trek

Explore the valleys, quaint villages and huge waterfalls.

As you keep moving ahead, the trekkers will realize that the greenery around will start disappearing basically from the Thakur Kuan base camp. There are attractive villages, bright sea cliff and extremely high chilling waterfalls.

The pass also gives a terrific view on side of the multicolor hue of mountains bordered by the snowy peaks and barren Spiti valley on the other. This magnificent trek then further leads to Mantalai Lake trek to Base and Pin Parvati Base Camp over to Pin Parvati Pass at 17,500 ft high after 8 hours of trekking.

This trek is not for the beginners because of treacherous terrain. It is meant only for the experienced trekkers who have done high altitudes above 15,000 ft before.

While reaching Pin Valley, you will come across various wild flowers and endangered species especially Snow leopards and Himalayan Birds. The final base camp is Mud

Beautiful Lake

Views from Pin Parvati Pass Trek

From here have enthralling views of Spiti valley (barren) and on the other side snow- capped mountains. The route is full of muddy area and it gives an outstanding view.

The trek ends here, you can stay in Kaza and explore the nearby areas and monasteries. Trekkers can admire the beauty of Spiti Valley and ancient Buddhist monasteries of the region

Beautiful Snow in Parvati Pass Trek

Why to choose Pin Parvati Pass Trek?

See firstly, the trekking distance is a total of by taxi 236  Km and on foot 110 km  which is to be covered into the 12 days that is Manali- Barsheini- Kalga- Kheerganga- Tunda Bhuj- Thakur Kaun- Odi Thatch- Mantalai Lake- Pin Parvati Pass- Base 1 – Base 2- Tiya- Mudh- Kaza- Manali

Before heading towards the itinerary, it is really essential to perceive the reason behind choosing the Pin Parvati Pass

Pin Parvati Pass trek is a high-altitude mountain trek Altitudes is 5319 m

The Starting trail is moderate- difficult as compare to other treks this is difficult trek. So, this trek is for the people who have done high altitude treks before. Not meant for beginners, or family or school tour.

Need proper gear & clothing for sub-zero temperature?

You got to see so many heavenly bodies at one place like the panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges, like Pir Panjal and Lahaul and Spiti Range, you can see pine forests, different variety of flora and fauna surpassing.

Beautiful Mountains View

I think Do spare time in Interaction with our local’s team, and you will get to know about some of the ancient tales of Indian mythology and our local cultures, this is good ideas for trekkers

Beautiful landscapes so carry proper photo gear & Extra battery backup.

The backpack should not exceed 12 kg only

En route you will see Pin Valley National Park and Himalayan Nationalized Park, these are famous everywhere for different Himalayan Birds and Snow leopards.

Trek to the biggest Pin valley which offers the best view of Kaza.

Discover Himalayan Villages.

Go through Kheerganga, devoted to Lord Shiva.

Key Points of Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Level:  Difficult (so first timers trekkers should avoid)

Proper conditioning & training of body required

Need proper gear & clothing for sub-zero temperatures?

Shoes are the single most important equipment

High Altitude requires proper acclimatization

Post monsoon or pre-monsoon is the best time. During rains the region is prone to landslides

Phones don’t work on the trek

Beautiful landscape so carry good photo gear (I couldn’t carry my best equipment)

Travel light (my backpack was heavy at about 10 kg to 12 Kg)

Keep an extra day in your itinerary for crossing the pass to account for bad weather

If you choose Good and local trekking company Himalayan Hikers than it is better for you because Himalayan Hikers is local company our mission is safe treks, growth of locals.

Most Read Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Duration: – 11 Nights 12 Days from Manali to Manali

Base camp: – Barshaini base camp

Summer Temperature: – Day 8°C to 12°C and Night: 0°C to 7°C

Pin Parvati Pass Altitude: – 5319 Meters

Best Time: – Mid July- Mid of September

Trek Level: – Difficult

Trek distance: – On foot 110 Km – By taxi 236 km by Taxi

Group Size: – a minimum 5 people maximum 15 people

Altitude we are going to cover per day in Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Bairshani- 1189 meters

Kheerganga camp- 2810 meters

Tunda Bhuj camp- 3333 meters

Thakur Kuan- 3570 meters

Odi Thatch camp- 3620 meters

Mantalai Lake camp– 3700 meters

Pin Parvati Pass – 5319 meters

Base Camp 1- Base Camp 2- 4800 meters

Tiya base camp- 3970 meters

Mudh-3500 meters

Short Itinerary of Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Day 1: Pick up to you from Manali. Reach Barshaini (39km) (3/4 hours journey) (1189m)

 Day 2: Trek from Kalga to Kheerganga) (10km) (6 hours) (2810m)

Day 3: Trek from Kheerganga to Tunda Bhuj (13km) (7/8 hours) (3333mm)

Day 4: Trek from Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan (11km) (6 hours) (3570m)

Day 5: Trek from Thakur Kua to Odi Thatch (9km) (5/6hours) (3620m)

Day 6: Trek from Odi Thatch to Mantalai Lake (12km) (7/8hours) (3700m)

Day 7: Rest Day for Acclimatization

Day 8: Trek from Mantali Lake to Base Camp of Pin Parvati Pass (11km) (7/8 hours) (4940m)

Day 9:  Trek from Base Camp over the Pass to Base Camp 2 (15km) (10/12hours) (4800m)

Day 10: Trek from Base Camp 2 to Tiya (12km) (5/6hours) (3970m)

Day 11: Trek from Tiya to Mudh (12 km) (4/5hours) (3500m)

 Day 12: Drive from Mudh- to Manali via kaza (2050m) (201km) (5/6 hours) (2050m)

Your Travel Plan for  Pin Parvati passTrek

You can book trains, air flights, and bus tickets for your journey only according to the information given by us.

The Pin parvati pass trek will be of  12 Days from Manali to Manali, includes travel. and Treks

First of all, all the trekkers will have to book their flight and train bus according to our time table as our pick up is from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, you will have to reach Manali Bus Stand, Mall Road in the morning.

A taxi from Himalayan hikers will link you to the Manali bus stand, near mall road.

Himalayan Hikers organize transport to the Barshaini base camp from the Manali bus stand. Our vehicles leave at 8:00 am to 9:00 am sharp from Manali. Sharing taxi costs includes your package.

In the Manali bus stand, you will get our taxi staff that will arrange transport for you. The contacts no Transport coordinator or our office team will give you a week ago to your departure.

Please you guys book your transport facility according to your own time table, after Himalayan hikers take all the responsibility of Manali to Manali, that you will not face any problem.

Your trek ends at Manali day 12th evening 6:30 pm. Manali is a beautiful city in Himachal pardesh  here available public transport for all over State in India. Booked your return bus tickets directly Manali bus stands.

How to Reach Pin Parvati pass Trek?

If you are traveling to Manali for Pin Parvati pass trek  from Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai or Gujarat any other city, so you will have to come to Delhi, you will get a flight from Delhi for Bhuntar comfortably.

Option 01:- By Air

Himalayan hikers tell you that whenever you travel, you should reach your destination within 2 hours.  Bhuntar, Kullu airport is the nearest airport in Manali.

Located about 32 km for the Manali city. There are flights available to Bhuntar airport, you can go online and book your tickets. These are easy and easy ways for you and you also save your time, Bhuntar to Manali taxi available in airport 24×7.

If you find the flight to Bhuntar airport expensive, then you come by flight to Delhi or travel by bus from Delhi to Manali, and it will be easy for you. And many Volvo bus available.

Option 02:- By Bus

You can reach Manali from Delhi by a bus, board it from (Delhi) Kashmiri Gate, ISBT; it is good if you are booked the seats. It is a 10-11 hour bus journey from Delhi to Manali bus stand, near mall road.

(Reach Manali bus stand between 5:00 am to 6:00 am and the vehicle will be arranged from there.)

What is the distance to reach Manali for Pin Parvati pass trek from other state

  1. from Mumbai to Manali Distance is – 1931 Kms by Road
  2. from Delhi to Manali Distance is – 553 kms by Raod
  3. from Jaipur to Manali by road is 800 kms
  4. from Chandigarh to Manali by road is 307 kms
  5. from Shimla to Manali by road is 248 kms
  6. from Dehradun to manali by Raod is 474 kms
  7. from Ludhiana to Manali by road Is 358 Kms
  8. from Bangalore to manali by road is 2693 kms
  9. from Kolkata to Manali by road is 2037 kms

ATM Point and Mobile Connectivity in pin parvati pass trek

ATM Point

Before starting the journey to Pin parvati  pass Trek, make sure that you need payments, and then take out the cash on the way Manali mall road.

Mobile Connectivity

The phone does not work on this trek. Therefore, you should ensure that you do not have to make any important calls.  . So make sure you finish all your important work and calls before starting the trek.


Day 1 : Pickup from Manali bus Station. Drive to Barsheini

Total distance – 39 km – 3/4 Hours journey

Mode of journey – By taxi

Altitude – Barsheini – 1189m

Night stay – Hotels

Himalayan Hikers will pick up the trekkers from the Manali Bus Stand transport and leave for Barsheiniearly morning at around 6:00 to 7:00 am.

The adventurous journey of the trek will make pleasurable trace when you will reach Manali in the morning and will leave for Barsheni Village which is surrounded by thick pine forest and green pastureland.


Day 2 : Trek from Kalga to Kheerganga

Total distance – 10 km – 6 Hours journey

Mode of journey – By foot

Altitude – Kheerganga – 2810 m

Night Stay – Our Camp site – on a twin share basis

The second day you will move to the long trail and continue from Kalga to move ahead and cross the bridge from here you can see River Parvati. Pin Parvati pass trek is a very enthralling experience to have fun while trekking and enjoy the enormous landscape view very closely. The trail goes through thick woodland cover and involves a sheer ascend of over 30 minutes.

You will also come across a Maggie point where you can stop for some refreshment. The entire trail is less of steep ascent and more of a gradual ascent which is a mixture of Pine, Oak, Horse chestnut and Walnut trees. Kalga to Kheerganga is a 10km trek which takes approximately 6-7 hours. After reaching Kheerganga your accommodation will be in tents.


Day 3 : Trek from Kheerganga to Tunda Bhuj

Trek Distance – 13km – 7/8Hours journey

Mode of journey – By foot

Altitude – Tunda Bhuj – 3333 Meters

Night Stay – Our Camp site -on twin share basis

Today’s trek will start for Tunda-Bhuj which is a steady climb out and form there you can view the Parvati River coming down from mountains left side. The track will move through long meadowland and chirping of birds will give you gleaming happiness. The road from Kheerganga is the first stream crossing start with a constant ascent for about 20 minutes. Then you can see the temporary bridge over the edge of the mountains.

There in route you can see small tent where the local wholesaler sell products. After 30 minutes you will way out from the forest area and will see meadow land and immense sight of the dell. Now you will trail the high peak of the hill. Once you arrive at the top, the follow will twirl within the hilly area and you see the huge area of the Parvati valley in front.

This will be the final overpass that you have to cross and you will reach Tunda-Bhuj situated at high altitude of 10,500 ft above sea level. There you can see huge mountains covered with snow and the sight view looks very pretty


Day 4 : Trek from Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan

Trek Distance – 11km (6hours Journey)

Mode of journey – By foot

Altitude –Thakur kuan – 3570 Meters

Night Stay – Camp site – on twin share basis

As walking down you will reach to pastureland through opaque mixed jungle with profusion of lovely flowers and Greenery Island. The landscape view of Tunda Bhuj is very easy but the distance is some tuff as the bridge is very long to cross and time consuming. Crossing the bridge to the further side of the stream take time to follow up the peak. It takes 15 minutes to reach the steady climb as you pass through an inclined rocky meadow land.

Trekking in Manali discover the prettiness of lovely landscape view and enhance the beautiful picturesque. As you start for further trail you will go up to high level and the landscape view can be see very striking. After the early rise crossways the Pandu Bridge, walk down towards the Parvati River at your right takes 15 minutes passing through the field’s.

Many steer can be seen with their group on the way by evening time, you will reach the Thakur Kuan which is situated at high altitude on 11,000- ft high above the sea level.


Day 5 : Trek from Thakur Kuan to Odi Thach

Total distance – 9 km (5/6 hour of journey)

Mode of journey – By foot

Altitude – Odi Thach 3620 Meters

Night Stay – Our Campsite on twin share basis

The next morning you will feel great after taking good rest as you have to get prepared for the adventures which lie ahead. As this is the easiest day of your trek it won’t take a huge toll on your body. You will cross the terrain region and then cross multiple streams coming in your way.

Further, you will find Parvati River on left part which looks very attractive. Then you will follow the big forest area and meadow land which can be seen aside from the Parvati River and enter the Thakur Kuan region which is surrounded by the pasture of orchard flowers and small trees. The Pandu Bridge which is the trickiest patch comes after 1.5 hours of trek. It is recommended that all trekkers stay together in a group while crossing this natural bridge.

The trail is easy to walk as it is a flat ground which requires minimum effort. There are many water points before Pandu Bridge where you can refill your water bottles. After reaching Odi Thach we’ll be camping there for the night which is one of the windiest campsites.


Day 6 : Trek from Odi Thatch to Mantalai Lake

Total distance – 12 km (7/8 hours journey)

Mode of journey – By foot

Altitude – Mantalai like – 3700m

Night Stay – Our Campsite on twin share basis

Today, we’ll be covering a distance of 12km which will take around 7-8 hours. This route is a bit muddy which at times can be slippery so it is important to be cautious. You will come across the moraine area which comes right after crossing the muddy surface.

It has a steep ascent which requires a lot of physical energy to climb. So it is important to climb at your own pace. Mantalai Lake is the starting point of Parvati River and you can also visit a small temple there.

Your next campsite is just 45 minutes from here. The lake is at a higher altitude so there are chances of getting AMS. It is important to keep your body hydrated enough so that you are not hit by AMS.


Day 7 : Rest Day for Acclimatization


Day 8: Trek from Mantalai Lake to Base Camp of Pin Parvati Pass

Distance – 11 km (7/8 hours journey)

Mode of journey – By foot

Altitude – Pin parvati pass – 5319 Meters

Night Stay – Our camp – on twin share basis

After leaving the striking place of Mantalai Lake you will cross the river lane which is very hefty part of trek and then you will walk through high rocky areas and glaciers. Then you will climb towards the right side of the slope, follow the trail which is very long and takes 9-10 hours.

It takes around to climb the high mountain above at 14850 feet. Then you will walk to the composite area, steepy rocks will make you feel tired. Then you will reach to base camp which is surrounded by greenery all where and big glaciers. There you will stay in base camp and take rest for hour and take delicious dinner.


Day 9 : Trek from Base Camp over the pass to Base camp 2

Trek Distance –15 km (10/12 hours of journey)

Mode of journey – By foot

Altitude – camp 2- 4800 meters

Night Stay – Our campsite – on twin share basis

The trek begins another day after long hours of rest and after long voyage you will then enter in long valley Spiti Valley. The trail now climbs for an hour amid the glacier and a rock facade. After three hours of sturdy climbing and you will arrive at the top of the pass at 17,500 feet from where you can outlook the way of Pin valley towards Shrikhand Mahadev.

The follow come down over flurry and ice fields, covered with grasses and high rocks and stone will also come in your way. At this point you will need to be very careful as there you will see very hefty path which cross the dense forest lane and wild areas.

The base camp is located in the centre of three vales. Moving further you can view the ranges of Dibibokri and Kulu Makalu which looks very fascinating and eye catchy as it is covered by large mountains and ice.


Day 10: Trek from Base Camp 2 to Tiya

Distance – 12km (5/6hours of journey)

Mode of journey – By foot

Altitude – Tiya – 3970 Meters

Night Stay – Our Hotel – on twin share basis

On this day we’ll be trekking to Tiya which is approximately 12km. It is a gradual descent for most of the trek. It is a barren land which is surrounded by tall mountains.

You will be able to see the trail of Bhabha Pass on this route. Your campsite at Tiya has a beautiful setting but it really gets cold at night.

It is important to have proper layering while you sleep in your tents.


Day 11: Trek Tiya to Mudh

Distance – 12 km (4/5hours hours of journey)

Mode of journey –  By foot

Altitude – 3500m

Night Stay – Our Hotel – on twin share basis

Today we’ll be trekking to Mud which is the last village of Pin Valley. It is a flat walk on the road almost on the road.


Day 12 : Drive from Mudh to Kaza

Distance – 25km (1hours of journey)

Mode of journey –  By taxi

Night Stay – Hotel

After reaching Mud the next day we will be driving to Kaza. Necessary arrangements will be made for your pick up after which we’ll be driving to Kaza. Your accommodation will be in a guesthouse at Kaza.


Day 13 : Drive from Kaza to Manali

Distance – 201 km (5hours of journey)

Mode of journey –  By taxi

The way back to Manali will be by the familiar road, the drive starting at 4 am in the morning. Transportation will be exclusive of our charges. You’ll reach Manali between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. You can book your travel any time after 7:30 pm.

Things to carry on trek

Mandatory Documents

Please carry the documents given below

Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voters ID, etc,
Passport and Visa important to foreigners
Medical Certificate (First part should be filled by the Doctor and Second part by the Trekker)
Declaration Certificates

Note: –  Many trekkers commit the same mistake of carrying unnecessary items on a trek which only makes the backpack heavy. It is important to know the right items to carry.
It differs from season to season if you are trekking in summers then carry less layers of warm clothing and if you are trekking in winters carry enough layers to protect yourself against chilly cold.

Necessary Items for trekkers

carry on a trek

Backpack (50 to 60 liters)
A strongly built backpack with good support is compulsory for a trek. (Rain cover is important)

Sturdy Trekking Shoes
The shoes should be strong enough with good support. The people ask if sports shoes would be comfortable but it is good to bring the right trekking shoes.

The Clothes You Should Bring On a Trek
Avoid keeping extra clothes because it only makes you backpack heavy.

Trek Pants – The jeans are never suitable for a trek so you need at least 2-3 trek pants for treks carry more for longer treks.

Jacket – Jackets are very important to carry on a trek it protects you against the chilly weather. So carry 2 jackets on a week long trek.

Layers of warm Clothing 
Carry warm woolen layers or fleece. Carry more layers during winter season (at least 2 to 3) and less during summer.

Thermals – The Temperature decreases at night so you might be need thermals for Night.

T- Shirts – Bring those t shirts which dry fast.

Poncho –They are needed if you are trekking on a Rainy day to keep you dry.

Hiking Pole

Water Bottle 2

Cap or Balaclava



Woolen and Waterproof Gloves

Socks (Woolen and Regular)


Torch head light

Personal Toiletry Items –  (toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, sanitizer etc.)

Carry Personal Medical Kit

Personal Medical Kit (Carry minimum 5 tablets and maximum 10)

Medical Kit

Diamox – (Prevents altitude sickness)

Digene – (It cures discomfort in stomach, acidity)

Crocin Advance – (Cures fever and headache)

Aspirin/Combiflam – (Pain reliever)

Disprin – (Cures headache)

Avomine – (Prevents motion sickness)

Avil – (It treat allergies)

Norflox TZ & Lomofen – (Prevents Diarrhoea)

Ranitidine – (Reduces the amount of acid in stomach)

Volini/Moov spray – (For sprains)

Betadine/Savlon – (Antiseptic cream)


Band aid


Stretchable/Elastic bandage


Note:- Use medicines only when prescribed by the doctor. In case you face any problem during your trek, discuss and take advice from the Professional guide.

Sorry! Here are no Available dates right now.
For Any Queries you can Email us with [email protected] and Call Us +91 9756197558

What is Included In This Trek?

Transport Facility Manali To Manali

Forest Permit and entrance fee

Accommodation in tents on twin share basis

All meals: breakfast, packed lunch, tea, coffee, snacks, soup and dinner

(All camping gears)

High quality tents

Sleeping bags




Separate Toilet tents – Ladies and Gents

Dining Tent

Dining Table




Kitchen team

Radio Walkie Talkie for Communication

Good Experience Trek Leader guide and Technical guide

Medical Kit

Oxygen Cylinders

Crampons and Gaiters

What is Not Include In This Trek?

Personal Insurance

Medical Certificate

Personal toiletry Items and Personal Medicine kit

On first day En Route to base camp the Breakfast and Lunch are Not Included

Last Day En Route Lunch and Dinner are Not Included

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